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Youll fawn over this dear deer story
20140522 161411
... the other under the Platteville High School soccer bleachers. - photo by Platteville Police Department

Spring is the time of year when things start growing outside, and babies of various animal species are born.

Two of them got into unexpected places Thursday afternoon.

One fawn, estimated by one person at one day old, was sleeping against a gravestone at Greenwood Cemetery. A visitor to a grave spotted the fawn around mid-afternoon.

That fawn eventually got up and ran off into the woods on the UW–Platteville campus.

The fawn pictured on the right posed bigger complications because of where it was found — underneath a bleacher on the Platteville High School soccer field after school before a Platteville/Lancaster soccer match against River Valley.

One witness reported that the fawn’s mother started charging people who got close to the fawn before the doe ran off.

Unlike the fawn in the cemetery, the fawn under the bleachers did not leave. Platteville police Sgt. Josh Grabandt put the fawn into an emptied-out EMS bag and took it to the woods north of the high school, where the mother was last seen, to let it go.