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Richland Rejuvenates announces awards night
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Richland Rejuvenates has announced its upcoming ‘Making a Difference’ awards night.
‘Making a Difference’ is designed to honor those city, community and business leaders who have and continue to make a positive impact on the quality of life in Richland County.
Sponsored by Richland Rejuvenates and WRCO AM and FM radio, the awards will be presented at an annual dinner ceremony to be held on Jan. 15, 2012, at the White House/Ramada in Richland Center.
“The idea stemmed from knowing how much happens in our community that is pure volunteerism or giving of oneself or companies that give to better the community,” Mick Cosgrove, director of Richland Rejuvenates said.  “We wanted to take some additional time and just say ‘thanks.’ What better way than to celebrate together the accomplishments of those who truly ‘Make a Difference’?”
 “We hope the community will take the time to nominate those who they recognize as having made a difference,”  Patrick Hagen, Dean of UW-Richland and who serves as the chair of the program, said.  “We know that everyone knows of these people and need them to take the opportunity to be sure they are nominated.”
The 2012 awards to be presented are:
•    Business of the Year
•    Civic Leadership Award
•    Community Stewardship Award
The nominees for these awards come from the general public. The criteria for the nominations are as follows:
•    The nominee must be a resident of Richland County
•    Businesses must be either be located in or doing business in Richland County
The following attributes are critical for the nominee…
•    Strength of character
•    Leadership and creativity
•    Dedication to the welfare of others
•    These awards may be given for work done in the previous 12 months, or for an entire body of work
Tell us why you nominated this individual or business with as much detail as possible.
Business of the Year
 This is a business that made a deep impact on the community through its work, its employee impact, its volunteerism or its leadership to create growth and a true sense of community.
Civic Leadership Award
This award goes to an employee of the city, county, state or other governmental agency who goes above and beyond the call of duty to enhance Richland County. It could be a member of county or city boards, employees, teachers or school board member. Anyone involved in a civic related organization is eligible for this category.
Community Stewardship Award
This award is the signature award of the evening. The individual who is selected has truly made a difference in our community, providing inspiration and vision, by touching the lives of Richland County residents. Their impact and dedication does make Richland County “the Center of it all.”
Nominations can be made online at or by writing to WRCO radio station at :
Making a Difference Awards
c/o WRCO Radio
PO Box 529
Richland Center WI 53581

“Making A Difference” will also give special recognition to the individuals who risk their lives to save others. Each year we will have three special recognition awards, nominated and selected by their peers.
•    Firefighter Recognition of Achievement
•    Law Enforcement Recognition of Achievement
•    EMT/First Responder Recognition of Achievement
Richland Rejuvenates is also pleased to be presenting the Feeding America – RC Style Leadership trophy at this program, and paying a special tribute to the Richland One Hundred Women group who are working with the Richland County Performing Arts Council to restore the oldest public auditorium in the state.
“This will be an evening of great pride for the greater Richland Community,”Andrew Davis of Richland Rejuvenates said. “Living in a community like the Richland Center area has so many great blessings one of which is to have the opportunity to say ‘thanks’ to our neighbors who made it a better place for us all to live, work, and play.” Davis who is a Financial Advisor with the Capital Wealth Advisory Group and was born in Richland Center.
For more information on Richland Rejuvenates call (608)-647-8842, for more information on nominations call WRCO at (608) 647-2111.