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Seneca Community Club gives back
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LONGTIME SENECA SUPPORTER Earl Duha, right, talks with John Kane at the Seneca Community Dinner held at the Seneca Town Hall on Wednesday, Dec. 12. The Seneca Community Club served 120 free meals at the recent Christmas Party. In addition to Seneca residents, people from Mt. Sterling, Lynxville and the surrounding area at-tended the event.

The Seneca Community Club hosted its third annual ‘Seneca Community Christmas Supper.’ Community members have been instrumental over the years in keeping the community-building efforts of the Seneca Community Club going, and club member Ica Boylen shared this story at the supper on Wednesday, Dec. 12.


SENECA - The Seneca Community Club was organized by a group of Seneca residents who wanted to promote their town and support the community.

A group of 20 people met and discussed what they wanted the club to be. It was decided we wanted to develop a club that would be a self-supporting as possible. Officers were elected, bylaws written, and thus the club was started.

The first thing we wanted was lit signs at both ends of town to let people know where this little unincorporated town was. The signs were purchased at a cost of $2,500, and shrubs were planted and are maintained by club members.

The next project of the club was a celebration to honor the community, and thus the Seneca Ridge & Valley Rally was started. At first it was a larger event with a Parade Marshall, a King and Queen, bands, and floats participating in the parade. This was followed by a meal, games, a tractor pull and a dance in the evening. 

One of the things that has changed is the parade no longer has a band participating – this is disappointing to some as many enjoyed hearing the band. Another thing that has changed is the dance has been eliminated because of lack of attendance, and the expense of hiring a band.

Even though things have gotten smaller, we still have a nice parade, dinner, games, food and beer, a 5K/10K Run/Walk, a tractor pull, volleyball tournament, bean bag tournament, raffle, pie auction and euchre tournament. Doesn’t this sound like a full day of fun?

There have been years when we have wondered if our club and the Ridge & Valley Rally would continue, but because of the push of 20 diehards, we carry on. On this day, when we are approached by visitors on a regular basis who attend the celebration telling us what a great day it has been for them and their family, and how economical it was, I know why it is that we continue.

We have picked up a few new members who have been a great addition. So, if you are wanting to know how to join, it is very simple – just show up. Really, if you live in the Seneca community, we already consider you members. All you do is call, say you believe in your community and want to be a part of it.

Our officers this year have been with the club 25 years, and we want to thank all of you who have worked so hard to keep the club going.

The money we make from Seneca Ridge & Valley Rally goes back into our community. These are the contributions we have made:

• Replaced the Seneca signs and garden on both ends of town

• Donated to our Seneca Fire Department

• Supported our first responders

• Give scholarships yearly to our Seneca seniors

• Donated to our Veterans Memorial

• Replaced Christmas lights in town

• Supported the new concession stand at the ball park

• Bought things for the community building

• Supported school programs

ª Built Seneca Community Park

• Began an annual Seneca Christmas Supper in 2018, where community members are invited to come and spend some time with friends and neighbors