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Soldiers Grove board discusses dog bite incident
Soldiers Grove

SOLDIERS GROVE - The issue of the dog bite incident from August continued to be a topic at the September 5 meeting of the Soldiers Grove Village Board. In that incident, a village resident had been attacked and received 13 stitches. At the August 8 meeting, it was reported that the matter had been turned over to Crawford County Animal Control.

In public input at the September meeting, Diane Coleman reported that the dog was still being seen in town inside of a vehicle. Coleman asked what was being done by the village to follow up on the incident. 

“We have received an e-mail response to an inquiry about what is being done about the dog bite incident from Butch Olson of the Sheriff’s Department,” Paul Nicholson who was chairing the meeting in Steve George’s absence said. “Apparently, the owner of the dog was unaware of the severity of the bites, according to Crawford County Animal Control Officer Chrissy Reynolds.”

On September 5, village clerk Tammy Kepler had sent an e-mail inquiry to the sheriff’s department. The same day Chief Deputy Butch Olson responded as follows:

“I do not know anything about the dogs not being allowed in the village. It is not something we have enforced and we really can’t enforce that. If you need something from us, I can put you in touch with our animal control person also.”

Crawford County Animal Control Officer Chrissy Reynolds responded to an inquiry from Kepler on August 23:

“Ok – I did call Diane and leave her a message. If someone knew where the dog was from, even a guess, I could stop by there to make contact. Also if anyone grabs a photo of it they can text it to me at 608-306-6253. If it’s a repeat offender, I will likely recognize it. The next time I am up there, I can stop by the address you listed and make contact.”

“We need to make sure that Chrissy Reynolds understands the situation and ask that our village ordinance is being enforced,” Supervisor Vicki Campbell said. “The village pays the county for that service.”

Kepler reported that Reynolds informed her that the best way to report additional violations of the village’s ordinance is to text images of the dog to her phone number.

Public works issues

Issues brought to the attention of the board by Soldiers Grove Director of Public Works Brian Copus were another big topic for the board.

Copus reported that during the annual sewer inspection, the sewer system sampler was working well but the 13-year-old refrigeration units were not. He said that the two units needed to be replaced at a cost of about $6,000 apiece. Copus said he had received the bid from the village’s current provider, who has been a reliable business partner over the years.

Trustee Campbell asked that Copus secure at least two bids for the replacement, and bring them to the next meeting for the board to act on.

The board did act on Copus’ request for two cases of water meters at a cost of between $1,200-$1,400.

Another issue brought up by Copus was the need to replace two culverts on Yankee Town Road. He reported that an inspection the night before had revealed that one had collapsed and one was buried.

Trustee Shayne Chapman had secured a bid from Crawford County to do the work which came in at $657.09 for the materials and 10-15 hours of machine time, which would come in at between $1,000 and $1,500. The materials will include rock, gravel and replacement of the blacktop.

The board acted to approve the bid from the county because the total cost came in at less than $3,000.

Last, was a discussion about a bill for $720 received from B&M Technical for another round of maintenance on the pumps for the chemical feed for the sewer.

“This equipment has been a total pain in the rear end since we installed it,” Copus said. “We’ve had them out to fix the pumps three times since they were installed, and I’m about ready to tell them to come and get them.”

Copus believes that the company provided them with the wrong pumps for the application, and believes that the chemical company the village works with can provide them with the correct equipment.

The board voted not to pay the bill for $720.

Modular home discussion

Tanya Peterson and her husband came before the board to discuss what the restrictions are on putting a modular home on a lot in the Olson Subdivision.

“I realize there are zoning and driveway permits, but what I want to clarify is what is allowed in the subdivision,” Tanya Peterson said. “We are thinking of downsizing from our farm to a retirement home, and in discussions with Tanya and Jake Forkash about a lot. Before we make an offer we have to finalize our budget.”

Peterson went on to explain that what they are considering building is a modular home with an attached garage, and a front and back deck.

“As long as it will have a basement, and is not a mobile home, then it is okay,” Paul Nicholson said.

Peterson asked about the language in the village’s ordinance requiring a 30-foot setback, and noted that a revised version of the ordinance specifies a 25-foot setback.

“Is that for the garage or for the house itself,” Peterson asked.

“The setback distance would include the garage,” Brian Copus said.

When asked whether they would need a building permit from the village, Tammy Kepler responded that they should work with the State of Wisconsin first. 

Other business

In other business, the board:

• heard public input from Nancy Olson that the flag in the village is not adequately secured to the pole, and that the apple tree is blocking the handicapped parking sign;

• approved the sale of village land at 101 Solar Circle to Jerry Moran for construction of a garage per the recommendation of the Planning Commission and pending finalization of Moran’s plans;

• heard in the CDC report that Ben Eby had paid off his loan, and that payment on the Driftless Brewing Company and Solar Meats loans are current;

• approved a new village ordinance prohibiting parking on Pine Street during the winter;

• approved an operator license for Brittany Christman.