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Celebrating 40 years of workCUBA CITYForty years of working for the same company is worth celebrati
Sloan 40 year employee
Commemorating 40 years of employment at Sloan Implement in Cuba City are the family of Steve Lange, pictured from left, Mike Holmes, Elise Holmes, Jennifer Holmes, Claire Holmes, Steve Lange, Jaxon Lange, Sherry Lange, Abigail Lange and Jason Lange. Missing from the photo are Christina and Justin Lange. - photo by Dena Harris

CUBA CITY—Forty years of working for the same company is worth celebrating.

Steve Lange has seen three different owners of Sloan Implement in his 40 years as an employee. The first few years of his career he set up new machinery. Then he was promoted to working as a tractor technician/mechanic, which he continues to do.

What has kept him working there?

“I like working with everyone here,” Lange said. “The people are great to work with.”

He said the working conditions have improved over the years, too.

“It used to be cold and smoky, but they’ve put a fan in and insulated the building.”

The machinery he has worked on over the years has drastically changed with the introduction of new technology. He has had training in Davenport to keep up on the changes.

Lange was surprised by family members visiting to celebrate his work anniversary on Feb. 21.