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Belmont students explore using snowshoes
Belmont Snowshoeing
BELMONT SCHOOLS students show off the new snowshoes.

Belmont Schools students love the outdoors. They have planted a prairie on school grounds to explore and enjoy. Their goal is to get students outside in the fall and winter to get exercise, to learn and to explore. The school recently received a grant from the Dubuque Racing Association along with funds from the Friends of FFA. With these funds the Ag Department is building a shed for the prairie for storage. Also purchased were snowshoes for winter fun. Students recently went to Ken and Kim Heinrichs for a day of snowshoeing, sledding and exploring. Second and seventh grades were chosen to go on a buddy system with the seventh graders helping the second graders learn snowshoeing, hiking and sledding. The seventh graders were good role models for the second graders, who said the snowshoes made it easier to walk on the snow. The students hiked around the woods and saw deer scrapings, animal tracks and thorn bushes. The snowshoes will be stored in the new shed and will be available for families to take home and enjoy together.