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Citizen of the Month-Rick and Alice Kay
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Rick and Alice Kay - photo by Dena Harris

DICKEYVILLE—Being good neighbors is important to Rick and Alice Kay. The couple moved to Dickeyville in 1975 and has served the community in a number of ways over the years.

Both were teachers at Dubuque Senior High School. Rick taught math while Alice taught biology. They retired 10 years ago. The couple has two children—Sarah and Megan—and four grandchildren.

“When our children were young, we were more involved,” Rick said.

Alice served on the school board at Holy Ghost School for many years, taking part in all of the school’s activities, too. She also volunteered at the Brickl Memorial Library and served on the library’s board. The library position has now turned into a part-time job.

“I enjoyed that,” Alice said. “Being in education, you just know the resources available to everyone.”

When Dickeyville was remodeling the village hall, both Rick and Alice volunteered to assist with painting and other projects.

Rick served as a coach for girls’ softball while their daughters were young. He also tutored children in the neighborhood.

“I have tutored a lot of kids around town over the years when they need some help,” Rick said. “Sometimes it is just one or two sessions and sometimes I follow them from grade school through high school. Whatever they need, I help. I love math. I like to help. I’ve always wanted to make it easy for kids to be successful, and I have some strategies to do that.”

Alice added that most of the kids Rick tutored over the years were from the neighborhood. Rick also likes to help neighbors with their home projects, something he enjoys doing. Now that they are retired, Rick helps take some of his neighbors to appointments.

“We like to be good neighbors and help out,” Rick said.

When the couple moved to Dickeyville, it was to be closer to their jobs in Dubuque while maintaining their Wisconsin roots.

They liked keeping their privacy from their work and living in a small, friendly community.

“We hope Dickeyville continues to grow,” Alice said. She hopes to see more businesses.

“It’s a nice place,” Rick said. “I don’t know that I want it to change a lot.”

Editor's Note: This column is a special addition to the Tri-County Press. All volunteers are recomended for the article by public officials.