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'Legos' featured in library display
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The Gays Mills Public Library’s display case will feature the Lego’s creations of Delson Cyrus for the next three weeks.  You can see Ninjago, Star Wars, SpongeBob, Lego Creators, Lego racers and mini figures.

Delson’s Legos’ memories go back to when he was four years old.  Early on, he constructed big buildings and garages for his cars out of Duplo Blocks.

When he was five, his father’s friend gave Delson a box of his old Legos.  Delson had fun building houses and vehicles with those smaller blocks.

At the age of six, Delson received his first SpongeBob Lego set from his father. 

“SpongeBob was my favorite character at the time,” Delson recalled. “My Dad and I worked together on this.” 

By that time, Delson was hooked on Legos because they were challenging and fun. 

The next sets he wanted were the 3-in-1 Vehicles.  Once acquired, Delson built those by himself.  As he grew older, his favorite sets were Ninjago and Star Wars.

Now that Delson is a tween, he is saving to purchase the Sydney Opera House Legos set—a mere $320 for 2989 pieces. 

As he says, “That will be a big build!”

Delson’s interest in Legos has built more that miniature structures; it has forged deeper family relationships. 

“My Dad likes to build with Legos and has been my building partner for years,” Delson said. “These days I do all the building and leave the sticker for him to put on.”