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Hello Hillsboro: A full house at the backyard bird feeder
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I had some nature fun without leaving my backyard Monday.

Glancing out the back window, I noticed six birds on our feeder, all struggling for a good position because there are only four beak holes.

I had not seen even one visitor for at least a week, so I ran down to our rec room to grab my camera. However, wouldn’t you know it, when I returned to the window, our fly-in restaurant was deserted!

Disappointed, I waited a few minutes, and began to turn away, when I noticed two squirrels battling for some peanuts I had put out a day earlier.

By the way, while I’m writing a column that is somewhat for the birds this week, I saw those crazy geese on the lake again yesterday.

They must be waiting to get through customs or something before leaving on such a long trip.

I’m surprised, though. To my knowledge, there isn’t a TSA station on our lake, and they don’t have any suitcases to check, anyway!


Our Tigers are on the playoff prowl!

Congratulations to Coach Eric Auel and his hard charging Hillsboro Tiger football team for making the playoffs with a well-timed victory over neighboring rival Wonewoc-Center Wolves.

We’re looking for a hard-hitting demonstration of inspired football in the weeks ahead.


By the way. I attended the City Council meeting Monday night and, like the School Board meeting on the previous Monday, I was all alone. That is, except for Police Chief Tom Richardson, who is there to “keep the peace” in case a disagreement on the Council, or in the audience, for that matter, gets a little heated.

It was a “public hearing” about work on the new city well.

Tom and I were the only ones “hearing” and it all sounded just fine to us!

However, please folks, remember you have a special invitation to the School Board meeting on the second Monday evening of the month (7 p.m.) and the City Council on the third Monday evening of the month (7 p.m.)

I shouldn’t be surprised because both groups are doing a fine job and quite often people only attend meetings when they have a problem with something.

I guess the final question I have is, Where’s the beef?