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Hello Hillsboro: Mail carriers plan a special delivery
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Our local postal workers are gearing up to “Stamp Out Hunger” once again with another food drive in the Hillsboro area on Saturday, May 9.

In  the past, these events have been highly successful, thanks to caring folks on the city routes and also the rural routes who carry bags of food donations out to their mailboxes where they are picked up by regular postal carriers.

Year after year, Sue Hahn at the Hillsboro Post Office is thrilled to tell customers how much food was donated throughout the area and brought back by carriers returning from their routes.

All of the food donated in the Hillsboro area is weighed and recorded, before being taken to the Good Samaritan Food Pantry.

The postal folks are always glad to make all those extra pickups on their routes and are proud to be part of a team that is helping to make such a big difference for so many people in need of a hand.

You have more than a week to put aside some extra nonperishable food items that will be a blessing for some less fortunate folks who are very appreciative of such thoughtful neighbors.

And, all of us who are happy to be part of this yearly tradition, should remember to say thanks to our fine postal carriers for their yearly lesson of true friendship.


And, speaking of coming attractions, June is right around the corner and already busting out all over with local events that we’ve been looking forward to since last Summer.

The all new Cesky Den downtown festival is sure to attract plenty of attention from folks who have enjoyed the traditional Czech celebration for years. However, this year will have a different slant with the event held right on Mill Street!

And, there still is plenty of room in that wonderful month for the annual Walk for HOPE (Helping Our People Everyday) fundraiser on the track at Hillsboro High School. It’s the perfect place to pay tribute to loved ones from the past while visiting with friendly folks from the present.

The Lions Club has also been busy planning for the always popular Farmers Dairy Breakfast, where everybody has saved an extra corner in the stomach for one more pancake.

If only Mother Nature cooperates, we’re going to have a lot fun along with plenty of good eating when June finally arrives.


While I’m still trying to recover from adding another year to my already overloaded count, I was told this fact by a former friend. “The irony of life is that, by the time you’re old enough to know your way around, you’re not going anywhere!”