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Hello Hillsboro: Our school staff is truly Grade A
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Monday night, the Hillsboro School Board and assorted visitors listened to a curriculum/assessment Report from Terri Fanta during its regular monthly meeting.

It included a PowerPoint presentation and lasted more than an hour.

Mrs. Fanta practically apologized for the length and intensive material several times during her report, although the news was so good that it easily captured and held the attention of those in the room.

I have sat through a number of these types of School Board presentations over the years and, not being a teacher, or even a student for that matter, have very little background to rely on while trying to understand the impact of the information.

One thing, however, is always more than apparent to out-of-the-loop people like me…Hillsboro students are receiving a darn good overall education, and have developed the ability to retain what they have learned.

Time after time, I listen to these assessment reports and always experience a deep feeling of pride over one continuing fact. Our students always seem to compare very favorably with others in our area and, frankly, even in our state.

There are only two possibilities that explain that situation. Either we have some unknown but powerful intelligence ingredient in our Hillsboro water, or we’re fortunate enough to retain a very well trained and deeply committed staff of teachers and administrators who take real pride in their vocation….and it rubs off on an extremely high percentage of their students.

I, for one, have grave doubts about the water theory.


Being a registered animal lover, there seem to be continuing e-mails finding their way to my inbox. Some of them are truly amazing.

The Humane Society of the United States is a wonderful organization that keeps folks like me informed on both problems and solutions that can warm a heart on the coldest of days.

By the way, if you care about animals of all kinds and the problems they face, read “The Bond” by Wayne Pacelle, who is the very able Director of the Humane Society. You will never feel the same about domesticated animals.

This week, I received an e-mail about a baby squirrel that was saved by the City Wildlife rehabilitation center in Washington D.C. after falling 75 feet from her nest.

The poor little thing landed on a sidewalk and suffered a broken ankle among other injuries. The folks at the center were able to treat her by putting a tiny cast on her broken ankle and offered other assistance. For a photo of this care, check out City Wildlife’s Facebook page.

The little squirrel and three other juvenile squirrels were released back into D.C. greenspace outside the Capital Beltway after treatment and rehabilitation about a month ago.

After reading reports like that, I understand why I regularly put out shelled peanuts in the bark of trees by my backyard bird feeder, and also send a few bucks to the Humane Society.