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November 5: Years Ago…
Years Ago

‘Years Ago’ is a compilation of newsy tidbits as published in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout on this week ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or sixty years ago.


NOVEMBER 4, 2010 – The 1999 Wisconsin Comprehensive Planning Law was adopted by the state to require public participation at the local level. After a year of work, the Gays Mills Comprehensive Plan for 2010-2030 is nearly complete. The Comprehensive Plan, once adopted by the village board, will be Gays Mills’ guide to the community’s physical, social, and economic development. While it makes no laws or ordinances itself, the comprehensive plan does lay out the village’s vision. It is to serve as the rational basis for land use decisions and a long-range approach for community planning and decision making. According to the law, if a village enacts or amends an official mapping, subdivision regulation, or zoning ordinance, the enactment or amended ordinance must be consistent with the village’s comprehensive plan.


NOVEMBER 2, 2000 – Former students selected three North Crawford teachers and one from Kickapoo to be named in the sixth edition of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers 2000. The teachers are John Armbruster, Karen Bolstad and Dan Kaczmarowski, North Crawford School, and Brian Kast, Kickapoo. 


NOVEMBER 8, 1990 – Ed Herbst of Soldiers Grove has won $4,350 in the Money Game Show at Milwaukee. Herbst, who operates the Wonder Bar at Soldiers Grove purchased his winning ticket at Solar Town Pharmacy… Ed Heisz of Rt. 1, Soldiers Grove, is a member of the 107thMaint. Div. of the National Guard which left this week for Saudi Arabia to serve with Operation Desert Shield. 


NOVEMBER 6, 1980 – Students in the driver education classes at North Crawford are getting ‘behind-the-wheel’ driving experience in the driving simulator instruction van owned by CESA-14 and shared by North Crawford, Weston and Prairie du Chien. The van has 10 computerized driving stations complete with steering wheel, shift levers, foot pedals and gauges, just like a real car… Students at the Haney School voted Tuesday at the school, casting ballots for the three presidential candidates. The voting procedure was the climax of a study of the voting process, according to Mrs. Brudos, who said emphasis is on the importance of casting ballots in a democracy.  


NOVEMBER 4, 1970 – ‘Hoard’s Dairyman’ a national farm publication, notes that at a recent convention of soft drink manufacturers the president of one of the largest companies called on his colleagues to open the school house doors by helping to pay for band and athletic uniforms, scoreboards, extracurricular clubs, teams and so forth… A group of Crawford County young men were forwarded to the Milwaukee induction station for their pre-induction physical examinations. They were: Gene Ingham, Donald Knapp, Phillip Gunderson, Raymond Anderson, Charles Coleman, Daniel Oswald, Harold Vedvik, Jr. Clato Long, Jr. James Kramer, Rudolph Haugh, Daniel Swiggum, Charles Bushnell.


NOVEMBER 3, 1960 – Election Day will have an added significance for Crawford County farmer voters. That is the day chosen by the Agricultural Hall of Fame committee to accept donations for the national agricultural shrine to be built in Kansas. William Peterson, Eastman, chairman of the committee, announces that there will be a truck stationed near each polling place in the county for collection of two bushels of corn from each farmer as he comes to vote. Those who are unable to give corn are urged to donate $2 cash.