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October 8: Years Ago…
Years Ago

‘Years Ago’ is a compilation of newsy tidbits as published in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout on this week ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or sixty years ago.


OCTOBER 7, 2010 – Vierbicher planner Patrick Cleary spoke to the Gays Mills Village Board and residents about the Gays Mills relocation site. It was stated that paving work on Sunset Ridge and adjacent streets last week had not gone well. Cleary reviewed several options that might correct the poor pavement work. One would be to seal coat the job immediately to remedy the open porous nature of much of the paving. This could be combined with the removal of some of the worst sections where the asphalt was too high and created a much bigger crown in the road than intended. Another option was to rip it out and do everything over. When questioned about the reason for the problem, the Vierbicher planner said the paving contractor offered a lot of excuses including that the material came bad from the plant and that it was cold and a number of other reasons. After more discussion, board member Harry Heisz moved to have the contractor tear out the pavement and redo the job. Board member Kevin Murray seconded the motion and the board passed it.


OCTOBER 5, 2000 – Head and horns of a big deer that flew through the windshield of the truck driven by Glen Updike Monday morning on County E were clearly visible in a photo published in this week’s paper. The deer was thrown into the truck after being struck by a van. It landed on top of Updike’s passenger, Rick Howe, who was not seriously injured. Both men are from Boscobel… Two new winners were crowned champions at the Sixth Annual Apple Festival 2-on-2 Hoops Classic held at the home of Gary and Lori Hines in Gays Mills. Luke Showen of the class of 1998 teamed up with Jay ‘Bird’ Kvigne, class of 1977, to win this year’s tournament. Showen and Kvigne went through the tournament undefeated this year. Taking second place were Scott Hubatch, a North Crawford teacher, and Dan Kaczmarowski, a former NC teacher. Winning the old-timers division were Gary Hines, class of 1972, and Pat ‘Wally’ Walsh, class of 1971… A former patient dances with Ilana Pescoe, OT at Vernon Memorial Hospital’s Second Annual Joint Replacement Party, proving that he still has the moves, even with his new hip.


OCTOBER 11, 1990 – Russell Gilbert, elementary school science teacher, was in Washington, D.C. last week to receive a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Math teaching... The Big Buck Rod-n-Gun Club’s raffle and dance attracted more than 500 people to Soldiers Grove last Saturday night. The event was held in the Soldiers Grove Firehouse because the crowd last year overflowed the American Legion Hall. People came from as far as Janesville. The Country Express Combo provided music for the dance.  


OCTOBER 8, 1980 – The former Atley Peterson home (former Harvey Sherwood home) was moved to a new location in Gays Mills. Judith Marshall purchased the home and had it moved from the Bank of Gays Mills property to her land near the fairgrounds. Larry Egge of Viola capably demonstrated how to back up a  2-½ story house, as he carefully maneuvered the home onto the prepared footings… Four area women have worked a total of 84 seasons in the Gays Mills apple industry. Employees of Frank Orchards they are Gale Koehler, Margaret Munson, Freida McDonald and Myra Chestelson… The Kickapoo Valley Medical Clinic in Soldiers Grove moved recently to its new location near the dental clinic at the relocation site. Pictured are Carn Messling, medical secretary and receptionist; Jean Skrede, insurance secretary; Lois Kettner, LPN and medical secretary, and Patricia Helgerson, LPN.


OCTOBER 7, 1970 –Charles Klema, 54 of Eastman, was moving dirt with a rear-loading bucket on the edge of a soil conservation diversion pond, when the big tractor tipped over into the pond, pinning him beneath it. Klema’s body was pressed into the mud with only his head and feet showing above water, and his legs were entangled in barbed wire. His cries for help were finally heard by Marty Betzle and his son, John, who were sighting in their big game rifles on a nearby farm. They were able to locate Klema, and though he was chilled to the bone he was able to give them directions to his home. When they found no one at home, the Betzle men went to a neighbors to get a tractor and log chains. Meanwhile, the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department was notified and State Trooper Kurt Rocksvold and Deputy Robert Ostrander rushed to the accident scene, took off their gun belts and waded into the pond to support Klema’s head. The men had to dig under Klema’s body to free him from the mud. He survived suffering no serious injuries.


OCTOBER 6, 1960 – Judy Christensen of DeSoto was crowned the 1960 Kickapoo Apple Festival Queen at the Lions Club Fall Harvest Festival at Gays Mills… The Gays Mills High School Band will march in a parade preceding a motorcade that will include a car with Vice President Richard Nixon and his wife as passengers. Nixon is scheduled to deliver a major policy address at the Mary E. Sawyer auditorium in La Crosse.