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Sharing some ‘Safer at Home’ ideas
LIKE THESE GEESE, Jane appears to be taking lots of time to enjoy the outdoors while practicing social-distancing. The beautiful spring weather has helped to take the edge off of any tedium associated with having to forgo many of the social pleasures that add to life’s enjoyment.

VIOLA - Now’s the time to share stay-at-home ideas. I’ll start and you add on.

1. Turn on lights (if it’s not sunny) and open the shades first thing in the morning.

2. Put on fresh clothes and shower, as if you’re going somewhere.

3. Make yourself and your family a healthy breakfast to begin the day.

4. Set a schedule for yourself and your children.

5. Start a pandemic to-do list. Keep it visible. Cross out what you finish and add more things to it!

6. Consider playing an old CD, a record, or any music that you enjoy.

7. Make a point of getting outside daily even if just to get the mail.

8. Keep a list of people to call and check in on. Call at least two daily.

9. Get on the Crawford or Vernon County volunteer list.

10. Pour yourself a glass of water in your best wineglass and refill it throughout the day.

11. Limit your social media time if it’s making you crazy.

12. Set up a jigsaw puzzle and work on it a little each day.

13. Write a note card or a letter to a neighbor or friend each day. Mail it.

14. Organize closets and drawers. Make a pile of clothes or household goods for donation.

15. Do one outside project daily. Rake the lawn, or prepare your garden beds.

16. Read. Read some more. Read every day and keep a list of the books you’ve read.

17. Break out your colored pencils, crayons, or markers, and color!

18. Take 30 minutes daily to stretch your body from head to toe, or do some yoga.

19. Start or continue a gratitude list. Keep it on the table and encourage your family to add to it.

20. Give your dogs a bath. Brush them. Teach them a new trick and take them for plenty of walks.

21. Clean out your gutters.

22. Plan and start your garden.

23. Clean out the chicken coop or the Duckhall.

24. Start or continue journaling.

25. Host your own nightly dance party, either alone or with family.

26. Start watching a movie series, or re-watch old favorites.

27. Stick to your normal wake-up and bed times, even if you’re currently not working.

28. Search for springtime signs in your yard or nature reserve.

29. Bring inside a few daffodils, pussy willows, or a tiny pasque flower.

30. Make your favorite tea or coffee drink and indulge.

31. Treat yourself to an Epsom salt and lavender oil bath.

32. Meditate, pray, chant, or scream daily.

33. Dust off your old weights and do a few bicep curls, shoulder presses, and tricep extensions.

34. Hide small toys in your yard and have a scavenger hunt for your kids.

35. Read out loud each evening from a book suited for all members of your family.

36. Start or continue sewing, knitting, crocheting, and weaving.

37. Learn to play that guitar or harmonica you’ve been meaning to learn.

38. Enjoy a backyard campfire. Make s’mores!

39. Set up the tent, indoors or out.

40. Get your camper ready, park it in the driveway, and spend the weekend in it.

41. Oil your bike chain, put some air in the tires, and enjoy a neighborhood bike ride.

42. Walk along your backyard creek or stream, or the closet river near you, and search for treasures.

43. Spend extra time with your outdoor animals.

44. Keep a running list of every bird you see.

45. Hunt for morel mushrooms (soon).

46. Bring out your point-and-shoot camera and pretend you’re a famous photographer.

47. Play dress-up!

48. Do ten push-ups, ten pull-ups, and ten curl-ups daily; each week add on more of them.

49. Get into your basement or garage and make it spotless.

50. Adopt a kitten or dog that needs you (and you it).

51. Bake a loaf of bread, cookies, or a cake weekly.

52. Drop off eggs for a neighbor.

53. Fill the little free libraries in your neighborhood with good books.

54. Take a few minutes daily to wipe down door handles, toilet handles, computer mouses (mice), and counters with a disinfecting wipe.

55. Rearrange your bedroom, office, or living room.

56. Move your refrigerator and stove and sweep underthem.

57. Defrost your freezer. Clean the fridge and the stove.

58. Go for a drive down an unknown country road.

59. Play a game of Rummikub, Skip-BO, Chutes and Ladders, Scrabble, or solitaire.

60. Collect pine cones from your yard or nearest park. Coat a few in peanut butter and roll in sunflower seeds. Hang outside your window for the birds.

61. Start a weekly talk with the folks on your block over Zoom or Skype, or in person six feet apart on the sidewalk.

62. Learn a new word each day.

63. Detail your car.

64. Wash all your windows, inside and out. Wipe off the top of all your framed pictures and clean the glass.

65. Take down the drapes and curtains and wash them.

66. Light a candle for someone you know has the virus, as a reminder to pray or send them healing thoughts.

67. Draw, paint, or color hearts and decorate your windows with them to spread some hope and love.

68. Make your own hand-sanitizer with aloe and rubbing alcohol.

69. Make yourself a facial with honey, oatmeal, and/or eggs.

70. Start (and finish) a DIY project.

71. Give your houseplants a little TLC. Repot, add dirt, or pick off dead leaves if needed. 

72. Put together a model aircraft, car, or whatever suits your fancy.

73. Use Youtube or Duolingo to learn a new languge.

75. Sew a patch on your favorite jeans or barn jacket.

76. Pull out your old photo albums. Reorganize them or simply lose yourself in the memories.

77. Do crossword puzzles.

78. Build a kite and fly it.

78. Listen to a motivating podcast or TED Talk.

79. Write a daily haiku or poem.

80. Have a friendly, fun, family competition to finish ‘Roses are red, Violets are blue’ in new ways.

81. Learn to make origami figures. Any paper will work.

82. Make a big bowl of popcorn, drizzle it with butter, and watch an old tear-jerker.

83. Learn a new recipe.

84. Search for a four-leaf clover!

85. Start tracing your ancestry.

86. Write a letter to someone you owe an apology to or need to forgive. Mail it or throw it out.

87. Color your Easter eggs early.

88. Look up a tai chi video and follow along.

89. Have a balance-on-one-foot contest.

90. Play ping pong across your kitchen table with cardboard paddles and a rubber ball.

91. Perform a play with your children. 

92. Learn how to make your own beauty products.

93. Host a virtual happy hour with your girlfriends.

94. Read the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout–including every word on every page.

95. Make your cats a tiny yarn ball toy or dangle a piece of yarn from a stick for them to chase.

96. Send your favorite nurse, doctor, or health care worker a handmade card.

97. Keep a running list of groceries or household goods you need so you can make only one trip every few weeks.

98. Paint rocks.

99. Support local businesses by purchasing gift certificates

100. Walk down your road with a bag and pick up garbage.

Your turn!