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Hello Hillsboro: Soap operas move to TV news shows
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Have you noticed that television news shows are beginning to look very similar to those dramatic series that used to run every evening?

It seems the tube has been taken over by the producers of those continuing serials that somehow have managed to morph from daytime soap operas and evening dramas into 24-hour news programs.

Cable news viewers have become hooked by a daily dose of drama that resembles shows like "Dallas" and "Falcon Crest." And their continual “teases” about upcoming news stories make it down-right difficult to change the channel!

For a number of weeks, you could spin your channel dial in any direction and before long tune into that day’s  installment of the George Zimmerman Show or lately the William and Kate Show, featuring baby Prince No-Name!

On Tuesday afternoon, before the royal couple brought out the future king for his very first “meet and greet,” and after the royal nanny changed his diaper, the Fox-TV camera remained focused on the royal door for about five minutes while over-emotional talking heads babbled on and on about the history of the occasion.

I actually like Prince William and Kate, who seem like a loving couple and will be wonderful parents.

His military service as a helicopter rescue pilot, and brother Harry’s deployments to Afghanistan,  certainly mark them both as brave and very fine young men. William, second in line to the throne, after his Dad and before his son, is an outstanding role model for all of England’s younger set.

And, who doesn’t like to see photos of a cute infant being “showed off” by  beaming parents!

However, part of me still prefers J. R. Ewing.

Oops, have to turn the TV news volume up, George Zimmerman has rescued some victims of a car crash and the royal baby has burped!


The news about Ryan Braun’s alter ego (so to speak) being exposed comes as a disappointment, but hardly a surprise to Brewer fans all over the state.

In fact, he was on the Baseball Commissioner’s hot-seat for so long it appeared that the investigation was in extra innings.

Most of his fans will, no doubt, be bothered more by the “cover-up” than the original sin of cheating with the use of banned drugs.

The tapes of his earlier, strongly stated denials are actually hard to watch if you are (or were) fans of the great athlete.

Being suspended for the second half of this season will cost him more than a few bucks. But, then again, what’s another 20 or 30 million to one of the highest paid players in the game.

An ironic side story that was reported Tuesday afternoon is that his pal, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, had previously declared his belief in Braun’s innocence and even put an astrological amount of cash where his mouth was.

Wonder who is going to pick up the check the next time they have dinner?


That nasty and sarcastic caddie had this to say to his least favorite duffer.

Golfer: “This is the worst course that I’ve ever played on.”

Caddie: “But, this isn’t the golf course, sir......We left that about an hour ago!”