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A political career based on hypocrisy
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Scott Walker has been saying recently that Hillary Clinton could be “deceiver in chief.”

This from the man who secretly tried to subvert Wisconsin’s open records law in order to cover up his own deceit.  He did not admit to it until he was caught red-handed.

This from the man who tried to sneak inappropriate items into the state budget, including deleting “search for truth” from the University of Wisconsin Mission Statement.

This from the man who said “We will protect our vital natural resources,” then he changed state regulations to allow what might have become the world’s largest iron ore mine in the heart of Wisconsin’s forests and parks.

This from the man who said he would not push right-to-work legislation, then he signed it into law.

This from the man who said he would “improve our education system so that our children could be competitive in a global marketplace,” then he slashed the budgets of Wisconsin’s entire educational system.

A complete list of Walker’s deceptions would fill this newspaper.  He has based his entire political career on deception.  He adds to his deceit by wrapping himself in religion.

Gov. Walker may have competition for the title of deceiver in chief, but he has won another title above all others, hands down:  Hypocrite In Chief.