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Ag-gag bill disappointing
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                      Gays Mills


All of us depend upon farming for our food.  Living rurally, I appreciate the time and effort my friends and neighbors put in and the pride they take in their work.  It is for these reasons that I am disappointed that my Representative, Lee Nerison, is considering the introduction of an ‘ag-gag’ bill in our state. Such bills criminalize people who seek to stop animal abuse and practices that may jeopardize our food safety and clean environment. In essence, these laws threaten people who are exercising their free speech to correct the abuses and actions of lawbreakers who embrace negative practices. These laws, instead of improving farming practices for animals and people, hide them and criminalize the whistleblowers.

These bills cause distrust in our local farms, leaving we, as consumers wondering what they have to hide.  I urge Mr. Nerison to reconsider introducing this bill, which would be bad for our responsible farmers and we the consumers of their products.

              - Rob Horwich