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Ag-gag bill would criminalize whistleblowers
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Farmers are about the hardest workers in our rural areas, conscientious and good neighbors. And farming is the mainstay of our economy.

Yet every year across the country, disturbing undercover footage is released from farms that are caught abusing their animals and perpetuating unsanitary conditions. Sadly, rather than improving the poor conditions for animals, the meat, dairy and egg industries are trying to hide the abuse with ‘ag-gag’ laws, which criminalize whistleblowers who expose animal cruelty, food safety violations, and more.

Unfortunately, Representative Lee Nerison might introduce an ag-gag bill right here in Wisconsin, which would be bad for animals and people. The effect of this sort of legislation elsewhere in the country has shown ag-gag bills shut down whistleblowers and animals are not protected.

Many of us are concerned that this legislation will be another of many that looks OK on the surface, and then upon doing research and reading comes out to be another way to keep citizens from having a voice, from pointing out situations that need to be addressed. I hope Representative Nerison will change his mind about leading this potentially harmful piece of legislation.

- Edie Ehlert