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Ballroom dance classes to be held in the old Gays Mills Community Building
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Gays Mills


Have you ever watched a wedding dance while thinking if I just knew a few dance steps I might have the nerve to ask someone to dance?  Maybe you have watched couples dance wishing you and your partner could move like the dancing couples.

People dance because it’s a fun activity that’s very popular —as illustrated by Green Bay Packer wide receiver Donald Driver on Dancing with the Stars.  This is an instructional enjoyable way to get some great exercise while realizing the accomplishment of learning a valued leisure skill.

This is your opportunity to learn a few steps to do a waltz, foxtrot, and swing.  The basic steps are simple enough that a baby boomer can quickly learn them and of course teens and young adults will have it down in no time. When the right timing is used to initiate a step or move you become the lead partner of a couple doing a graceful dance around the Wedding Dance floor.

This is a welcoming and inclusive group that provides an un-intimidating introduction working as a team with your partner in a structured dance. People with ballroom dance experience will be needed to inspire the beginners.

Ballroom dance classes are planned for 6 weeks starting Thursday October 4 at 6:30 p.m. in the OLD Gays Mills Community Building (on Main Street).   A free-will donation to cover the building rental makes this an affordable activity for the whole family.  Guys, do something thoughtful like this for the special gal in your life.

People with experience in ballroom dancing are needed to inspire the beginners.

Seeing the graceful, coordinated dance that an experienced couple do will be an inspiration to the beginner students.

Young people will be highly sought to bring the energy required to perform the lively, free flowing form that the Swing steps tends to encourage.

If you know some dance steps and would be willing to do a short demonstration dance, it would be appreciated for the inspirational value it will have for the beginners.

                - Pat Fargen