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Bill recognizes climate change
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Oct. 1, 2015

Richland Center, Wis.


Some amazing things have recently happened in Congress regarding climate change.

First - Pope Francis addressed a joint session of Congress.  In his address, he talked of our responsibility to our planet our Common Home and asked countries like ours to take a leadership role in solving our environmental problems.

Second - Ten Republican House of Representatives have so far signed onto a resolution affirming that human activity contributes to climate change and endorsing action to respond to the threat of Earth’s changing climate.

Rep. Chris Gib­son, a New York Republican, led the charge in crafting the resolution and convincing other Republicans to speak out in support. “This is a call for action to study how humans are impacting our environment and to look for consensus on areas where we can take action to mitigate the risks and balance our impacts.”

Gibson and his colleagues have found a “positive conservative message” in committing to address climate. Leaders of 34 national faith communities, including the president of the National Council of Churches, are encouraging every member of the House to co-sponsor his resolution. We urge all Wisconsin representatives, to co-sponsor HR 424. It is not policy, but it is a significant recognition of a problem and commitment to leadership.

Connie Champnoise

Richland County Chapter for Citizens Climate Lobby