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Boscobel School Board must move on
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November 6, 2015

Boscobel, Wis.


I appreciate your effort at informing the public on the recent Boscobel Schools referendum. Your insight brought thought, discussion and energy to the issue. No where did you tell anyone how to vote. The people of Boscobel turned out in droves to vote their conscience. That is how democracy is supposed to work!

What is next for the Boscobel School Board? The school board should budget so much a year for building maintenance projects. A $3 million fund balance was amassed in part from unused maintenance money.

Mr. Steve Wacker implied in the Nov. 1 Wisconsin State Journal that past school boards were negligent in keeping up the school buildings. I served on a school board that fixed the school buildings and left the current school board with a $3 million fund balance.

The current school board should stop banging their heads against the wall with the failed borrowing referendum connected to H&H contracting. I will not support any referendum or borrowing plan the current school board offers because $2 million of the fund balance has been frittered away. The school board I was on worked 20 years to fix the buildings and build the $3 million fund balance. It took the current school board three years to burn through $2 million of the fund balance with absolutely no building projects to show for it.

The current school board has shown they are not good stewards of money they already have. The current school board should not waste their time and money or the voters time and energy by studying any more referendum or borrowing options.

Thank you for your consideration to this matter.

- Troy Brechler