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Disappointed with Dial editors opinon
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March 21, 2016

Boscobel, Wis.


I once again am disappointed with the editor of our local paper and his ability to shift the focal point for the upcoming referendum vote on April 5th.  For someone who appears to be so passionate about the decisions made by the school board, why is it that he has not been to any meetings?  Why is it that he hasn’t reached out to the board president for any clarification to his questions?  Why is it that he has not been to any of the informational meetings about the referendum to ask the questions he publishes?  It seems that he is trying to personally influence the voters with his set of facts. 

First, the school has nothing to hide.  Please, come to the meeting at 4 p.m. on April 3rd.  Ask those questions.  Have a conversation.  Learn the truth. 

To summarize the reasoning behind these current resolutions:

Question 1.  The board decided to go with a recurring referendum for three reasons.  First, that was request from the published survey.  While we know that the survey does 100% represent the entire voter population, it was the best we had at the time the decision was made.  Second, while we considered a 3-year resolution, we have no idea what the condition of state aid will be after those three years.  Finally, all of the board members own property within the district.  Do you think we want our own taxes to be higher than they need to be?  Trust that the elected officials will reduce the levy when it is no longer needed.  Our district has significant needs that our surrounding districts do not face. Our special ed costs are mandated by the state and reimbursed at around 30%. That is nearly 1/5 of our budget that we have no control over. 

Question 2.  The combination of sites was the single most recommended option after the Act 32 referendum failed in November.  Dial Dave can’t have it both ways.  He can’t say in November that we shouldn’t fix the buildings, now say that we shouldn’t try to combine buildings, and imply we should fix our current buildings.  The combination of sites will make it safer for all of our staff and students, district wide.  It will create a better learning environment.  Also, it will be a cost savings as we move forward.  Everyone seems to want to complain how the current elementary building was built wrong when it was built.  Everyone seems to say it was done “too cheap.” Well, we have surpassed the life expectancy of that building.  The voters decided in November to not pass the resolution to upgrade that building.  “Why put earrings on a pig.” So, we are now asking for what the voters asked us for, a 50-100 year fix, instead of a 20-year fix. 

All I am asking from the public is that you become informed.  Come to the meetings, ask the questions, and know the answers before you vote.  If you are against this resolution, please explain why?  We can’t move forward without the honest feedback.  If we don’t make improvements, what will happen to our district and community?  #Boscobelpride

Todd Miller

BAS Board President