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Do we like losing?
Sharon Richter
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March 17, 2016

Fennimore, Wis.


In a letter I received from the Republican National Committee, I noticed a lot of positive words: let’s unite, focus, stick together and move forward. But that’s not what I hear on the news every night.

Divide and destroy seems more fitting. Attacks from the media on our frontrunner can be expected, but coming from the GOP?

The unbelievable part of the letter was that it said, “You, as a voter, your views and concerns are what gives our Party direction and focus.” Obviously this is not true, because the people are voicing their concerns by their votes and the D.C. power brokers are not listening. Your vote seems to mean nothing to them.

The Republican Party still thinks the media is their friend. It is not.

Back when the media talked us into McCain, Dole and Romney, we listened and we lost. Most people stayed home because they did not like the candidate the media picked for us.

Now “the people” have voted and have chosen a strong candidate and what is the Party doing? They are listening to the liberal media again, and helping them to destroy our frontrunner! In what world does that make sense?

The media and Democrats are laughing at our stupidity as we destroy ourselves from within! I guess we like losing.

Sharon Richter