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Fans lack of sportsmanship is uncalled for
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Years ago a friend and fellow athletic director in the conference claimed that “sportsmanship is a curious thing.  When you have it you don’t notice it however, when you lose it you will seldom get it back.” I totally subscribe to this thinking.  Our student athletes and coaches represent our school and community at every event.  Over the years they have represented this school and community quite well.  One only needs to look at the trophy case, the plaques on the walls in the cafeteria, and in the gymnasium to realize that Hillsboro Athletics has proven to be very successful.

Let’s put athletics aside for a moment and focus on academics, the main reason that we are here.  Look back over the years and take note of the numerous Hillsboro graduates who have accomplished great feats and have proven to be extremely valuable members of society.  If you do this you realize that athletics isn’t the main reason we exist.  We are here for academics and learning, athletics is only a part of this.

The lack of sportsmanship that is happening this season within our gymnasium is totally uncalled for.  Adults are yelling at athletes on the floor, criticizing coaches, and simply being rude to our athletes and coaches. It needs to stop.  What some think is acceptable within the gym at an athletic event would never be tolerated within a classroom.  They seem to forget that an athletic event is simply an extension of the classroom and a small part of a student’s education.

If you are willing to attend our events and support our athletics in a positive manner, you are  welcome to do so.   If not, your energies might be better invested elsewhere.