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God was not involved in Walkers campaign
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Gov. Scott Walker was rejected by Republicans in the last poll before he dropped out of the presidential race, but he has not indicated that he is done running for public office.  He may do still more damage to Wisconsin.

When he dropped out he said that he had been “called to lead by clearing the field.”  You know, like Napoleon was called to lead by clearing the field at Waterloo.  The truth is that like Napoleon, Walker got soundly thumped.

Earlier in his campaign Walker had said that God had called him to run.  Did God make a mistake?  Did He want to punish Walker for his constant deceptions and hypocrisy during his campaign?  More likely, Walker was using God for his own political purposes and God was not involved either way, for or against.

The notion that God told Walker to run is absurd.  It belittles God to think He would get involved in partisan politics.  If He did, He certainly would not support someone who is as hypocritical, vindictive, and deceptive as Scott Walker has repeatedly proven himself to be, and who aligns himself with billionaires while showing little empathy for the poor and the sick.  People who believe Walker’s claim that God told him to run, and later to “lead by clearing the field,” must have a low opinion of God.

Criminals who commit heinous crimes sometimes say that God told them to do so.  They are considered to be deluded.  If Walker really does believe that God was behind his candidacy, Walker belongs in an entirely different institution.