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Hillary Clinton is not inevitable
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America’s famous optimism is counterbalanced, and sometimes squelched, by a large strain of fatalism. There are always people gloomy as Eeyore saying nothing will change, there’s no difference between the parties.

Well, they’re not saying that now. The space between Republicans and Democrats is a gaping sinkhole, into which at least 16 candidates have fallen. Republicans are now frantically trying to avoid reaping what they have sown.  I would like to leave them to it–except that their front runner could put all of us, the entire country, and indeed the world, at risk.

One sure way to counteract that potential catastrophe is simply to see that he is not elected. That requires that we all vote. Democrats, Independents, thoughtful Republicans, all must vote if we are to see our country move forward sustainably.
And between the two remaining Democratic candidates, you also have a real choice. The mainstream media talks as if you don’t – not because the candidates are different, but because one already has it wrapped up, is “inevitable.”

Don’t believe them.

The primaries are less than half over. Hillary has fewer than half the delegates she needs. And the states still waiting to vote are the ones more likely to support Bernie Sanders.  There is nothing inevitable about Mrs. Clinton. Then why do the press, the radio stations, the TV shows, keep talking about the coming contest between Donald and Hillary?

Nearly all U.S. major media (90%) are owned by six corporations. Six!  So few shaping the opinions of so many.  Obviously the current system is working for them.  They don’t want change, so they don’t want Bernie.  Mrs. Clinton’s talk of continuity is much more reassuring.

Don’t be fooled.  Don’t buy the fatalism or cynicism.  We can elect  Bernie, and with his leadership, we can change the country to meet our needs.  The status quo is not “inevitable.”  On April 5 you do have a choice!

This letter appears in the March 31 edition of the Hillsboro Sentry Enterprise.