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Legislation doesnt pass the smell test
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Nov. 15, 2015

Hillpoint, Wis. 


Common sense, the Wisconsin Constitution, and laws tell us that our elected officials should not vote on issues from which they could receive a financial benefit. Unfortunately, the majority party in the State Assembly, including my Representative, Todd Novak, forgot this logical and legal prohibition when they voted to essentially double the limits on campaign contributions and make it easier to coordinate with outside funding groups. 

Their rationale, of course, is that the benefit will be to their campaign funds, not to them. That rationale doesn’t pass the smell test. If campaign funds do not benefit politicians, why do office holders spend so much time and effort ingratiating themselves to donors and pretending that they would never coordinate with outside groups? 

Assembly Bill 387 is a major step away from Wisconsin’s proud tradition of transparent, corruption-free government. Todd Novak and all of his colleagues who voted for it should be ashamed of themselves. And, voters should remember this action in 2016.

Ernie Wittwer