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Legislators need to earn their keep before raising tax
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Monroe, Wis.

Sept. 28, 2015


In a September 22, 2015 letter to the Dial, Mr. Roger Kerr complained about the condition of State Highway 61 and urged State Senator Howard Marklein and other Wisconsin legislators to pass a bill to raise the gas tax.

Under former governor Jim Doyle’s tenure about 1.4 billion dollars was moved out of the transportation fund to pay for other budgetary purposes. Did Mr. Kerr write a letter to the Dial to show his indignation?

The 111th Congress passed legislation called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and President Obama signed it into law. It earmarked 100 billion dollars for education and 105 billion dollars for infrastructure (roads and bridges). Did Mr. Kerr write a letter to the Dial calling on his Congressional representatives to bring some of that federal money back to Wisconsin?

Mr. Kerr, contact Representative Ron Kind and ask him where the money is for Wisconsin highways and bridges. Some of us did, including the Boscobel Dial, and in my case he passed the buck and did not respond to the Dial.

Before the state raises the gas tax or borrow money for transportation put the heat on our Congressional representatives. Make them earn their keep and bring home the bacon.

Larry Koschkee