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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Aug. 27
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2 letters, 1 response

The Aug. 20 Journal included two letters that were especially interesting.

Mr. Christenson’s letter was somewhat confusing until I reached his accusation that Ald. Amy Seeboth-Wilson had a “conflict of interest.” Oh-oh, I thought, is she going to pocket some of the profits? Nope. It just turns out that the Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission report on the possible merger left him some questions that he brought to the newspaper with the accusation that her earlier association with the SWRPC and her continuing interest in sustainability for UW–Platteville constituted a conflict.

As I understand it, the report was about the feasibility of merging the student shuttle (paid for by student fees) with the shared-ride taxi service (supported by government grants and fares). It would seem useful for both students and the local residents to have more access to public transportation in an era of concern for the environment and continuing uncertainty over the supply of fuel. Wouldn’t it be a benefit to students if they had better access to downtown businesses and to Jenor Towers folks to be able to get to the Center for the Arts and the stadium?

The sustainability goal seems worthy, even if it means giving a drunken student a ride home on Thursday night. (One less hazard for me if I drive the same roads as the drunk.) I wish Mr. Christensen had been more specific about his objections to the feasibility of such a merger. I gather that he thinks using public money for transportation is a “waste of public dollars.” And that tells me his political posture.

Which brings me to Mr. Skubal’s letter. His political is posture is evident in the language he uses. On Aug. 6 and 20 he lists talking points from Fox News’ Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly to refute Mr. Osting’s Aug. 13 criticism. His letter is less a personal opinion than a transcription of the two commentators from Rupert Murdoch’s privately run wing of the Republican Party.

It would be wasteful to refute his accusations one by one; my letter would be longer than his, and might elicit an even longer response from Mr. Skubal. I agree wholeheartedly with his last sentence, however: Freedom means that you can believe whatever you want, but ignorance should not be an excuse.

Walt Wisniewski

Wittwer beats the bosses

I would like to point out something significant that happened in the recent Democratic primary for the 17th Senate District.

I consider the late Rep. Steve Hilgenberg (D–Dodgeville) to have been a close personal friend. We bowled and golfed together on a regular basis and shared many a morning coffee break at McDonald’s and Culver’s together. He often expressed to me that his biggest frustration in serving in Madison was the extreme partisanship in the caucus system of both parties. The caucus had the power to set votes, appoint members of committees, and control campaign finances. In other words, you did what they wanted or else. During the “caucus scandals” the results of this partisanship was evident. We had the Democratic leadership convicted for pay to play and the Republican leadership convicted for just about everything until they dragged the thing out and finally found an agreeable judge and jury. A dark period for Wisconsin it was.

This race was a clear example of the Madison party bosses trying to get their way and consolidate more power by having another candidate beholden to them. It is my opinion that the day of complete party control must end, and we need to start electing people who are willing to work across party lines to make Wisconsin a better place — that almost sounds like Dale Schultz.

Ernie Wittner is clearly that type of person. Let’s call an end to the Walker/Marklein concept that compromise and working together means a “sharp stick in your eye.”

Ernie took them on, smf the choice of voting for someone who wants to work with others to solve Wisconsin’s problems should be pretty easy.

Charles T. Steudel
Mineral Point

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