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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Aug. 7
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Riverway meeting

The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board will be deciding on Pattison Sand’s permit application to mine frac sand within the Riverway at a special meeting at the Crawford County Administration Building, 225 N. Beaumont Road, Prairie du Chien, Thursday, Aug. 22 at 5 p.m.

If the LWSR Board decides to approve this permit it may well mean the beginning of the end of the Riverway. This permit could open the door to the whole Riverway corridor which is rich in this commodity.

The Town of Bridgeport permitted this mine with no restrictions to operate 24/7/365 for up to 60 years. There are many questions and concerns that have never been answered or addressed. Half of this mine lies within the LWSR.

Tens of millions of dollars of public money and resources have been invested in the LWSR over the years. This exquisite gem was meant to be protected from industrialization. Why have state officials been so silent? The Department of Natural Resources, which manages and maintains this public resource, has also been silent. Why?

Thousands of people come to enjoy the scenic beauty and wildlife, canoeing and kayaking this wonderful river. They will now be assaulted with night lights, blasting, heavy machine and truck noise and traffic.

The Riverway has brought in tourist dollars and local businesses have sprung up and grown. This too may be impacted. The Department of Tourism reports that direct visitor spending was $39.1 million in 2012 in Crawford County alone. How many tourism dollars be lost?

Arnie Steele
Bridgeport Concerned Citizens

Glad you came

Elks Lodge 1490 is glad everyone came Saturday to help our 90th anniversary as an Elks Lodge.

Lodge 1460 was started in 1923, the Roaring ’20s. The ’30s and the Great Depression, the ’40s and a World War and numerous wars to follow, recessions one after another, years of political campaigns’ promising to make this a better country, and yet the need for us and other Elks Lodges along  other fraternal and service organizations continue to grow.

Let’s continue to do what we do, but Saturday we celebrated!

Tom Fiedler
Chairman, Board of Directors Platteville Elks Lodge 1460
Wisconsin South District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler

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