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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Jan. 13
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‘From the inside’

I think the city needs to hear a little from the inside of Steve’s Pizza. I spent a number of years working for John at Steve’s Pizza Palace. I have seen how the business operates from the inside. 

I do agree with the opposing articles and letters I have seen. While I think the idea for this brewery is a great idea for the city of Platteville, I can’t help but think of how much of a disaster it will be if started with controversy and poor planning. 

In a past article I saw someone say something along the lines of, “Whenever John does something, it is done well and planned out.” I agree that John has great ideas, but sometimes not the best planning when it comes to these ideas of grandeur. The 50th anniversary party last year was received fairly well by the public, but not before his managers stepped in to actually put some concrete plans to it. I can’t imagine how that night would’ve gone without actual plans. Originally it was going to be free pizza and free drinks from 4 p.m. until bar time for anyone and everyone who came in; we narrowed it down to three free drinks and free pizza from 4 to 9 p.m. (You don’t want to know the cost.) And this is only one example I’ll offer.

My other issue with the microbrewery idea is that, instead of spending all this money on a new building, why not utilize some of the available empty real estate not only downtown, but in the city? I know John wants to have a connected building so he can serve the beer he creates in both restaurants, but why not just have something exclusive with the brewery? 

After working every graduation and homecoming over the past five to six years, I have seen the restaurant at full capacity many times that I can recall, with waiting lists lasting over an hour, parking lot full, street parking full; it becomes quite the mess. Can you imagine with 11 parking spaces and leasing a few spots from Mound City Bank that will rectify the ridiculous situation that it will create?

John was a great person to work for and treats his employees right, but please, city council, don’t let this happen.

Tim Vodak


Obama vs. Trump

Lame duck? Not this president!

Obama with his recent executive action supported goals sought by a majority of American citizens:

• An America that is safer because it checks backgrounds for ALL gun sales.

• Safeguards to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists, criminals and the mentally ill.

• Treatment for the mentally ill to help them become good members of society.

His State of the Union address will likely identify many accomplishments of the last seven years:

• Restored the economy to health by stimulating jobs in the private sector even with funding cuts for public service.

• Integrated women, minorities and immigrants into American society and emphasized their achievements at White House events.

• Improved availability of healthcare for more Americans.

If Obama has been so successful with his quiet work, why is there such a mediocre public opinion of him?

Conservative media bias is now established. The media pays more attention to Donald Trump’s nonsensical chatter than it does to less exciting issues of Democrats. While Trump and conservatives continue to complain of a liberal media, just the opposite is true.

Supposed liberal commentator George Stephanopoulos reported on the last Clinton–Sanders debate. He didn’t talk much about their proposals to increase the minimum wage or to improve Social Security and health care —- things that benefit the majority of Americans. He called Trump and actually gave him more time to attack than he talked of liberal issues.

Unless the media realizes what it is doing, the next president could be Trump.

John Hempstead
La Crosse


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