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Letters to The Platteville Journal for June 10
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The board vacancy

After being made aware of the resignation by Grant County Sup. Larry Wolf, I consulted with Corporation Counsel Ben Wood, concerning Wisconsin Statutes section 59.10(3)(e), which states: “If a vacancy occurs on the board, the board chairperson, with the approval of the board, shall appoint a person who is a qualified elector and resident of the supervisory district to fill the vacancy. The successor shall serve for the unexpired portion of the term to which the person is appointed, unless the board orders a special election to fill the vacancy, in which case the person appointed shall serve until his or her successor is elected and qualified. The board may, if a vacancy occurs before June 1 in the year preceding expiration of the term of office, order a special election to fill the vacancy. If the board orders a special election during the period beginning on June 1 and ending on November 30 of any year, the special election shall be held concurrently with the succeeding spring election. If the board orders a special election during the period beginning on December 1 and ending on May 31 of the succeeding year, the special election shall be held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November following the date of the order. A person so elected shall serve for the residue of the unexpired term.”

There were many variables that led to the appointment. I understand the frustration of the letter that was published in The Journal and other Grant County newspapers, written by a Lancaster resident. While the action taken by the Grant County Board Chair and the Grant County Board of Supervisors on May 19 to fill the vacancy may have been perceived by some as a knee-jerk reaction, it was according to the book.

Bob Keeney
Chairman, Grant County Board of Supervisors


Police weeds 

All residents of Platteville need to drive around the Police Department and look at all the weeds. I wonder how much we the taxpayers are paying the “groundskeeper”? Do they have a groundskeeper? Take a drive around the building and see for yourself how lovely the landscaping is. Ha!

Carla Cook


In search of students

I wonder if you can help. I taught seventh and eighth-graders at the UW–Platteville Laboratory School during the 1959–60 school year. I’ve just come across a writing assignment turned in by these students: 

Moya Anderson, Owen Jones, Wanda Jewett, Diane Holder, Loretta Tansey, Martha Thomson, Alan Jones, Ronnie Harrell, Jim L., Dale Clifton, Dayl Long (?), Kack Kitto, Dave Tucker, Tom Ottensman, Barbara Habel, Jim Rodich/Riddick, Jenny Garside, Barbara Broughton, Ruth Sedwick and Jane Graves. There is one with no name, they wrote about bears.

I kept the papers because there were so many good ones, but now I’d like to return them, but have no good way to locate people from 55 years ago. If you could somehow put me in touch with just one or two it might snowball from there. I’m sure the school is long gone, but a few of the students could be around. 

My contact information is: Owen Nelson, 6965 Donald Nelson Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89131 or email

Owen Nelson
Las Vegas


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