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Letters to The Platteville Journal for June 24
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Change, or ...

My challenge to the Grant County Board is a need for an open government that does what is best. That is not following some laws and not others. I challenge the County Board to follow the law related to the delegation of powers related to the board chairperson.

The Wisconsin attorney general issued an opinion that the board chairman cannot also function as a county administrator. Some “official duties” have been transferred improperly to the county clerk and financial director, without the authority to do said duties. This means the board has made two trusted administrators “shadow officials” of the board. In my opinion, the current position of county board chairperson acting as county administrator is not efficient, legal, or good government.

The actions of the board and board chair Bob Keeney will result in the following:

A referendum for Grant County to establish the elected position of county executive — in effect, removing the board chairperson’s administrative and management role in Grant County government.

My personally running in the next County Board election, and recruiting others to run, who share my belief in two concerns — removal of the county board chairperson’s role as a county administrator; and openness and implementation of politics and actions that show wisdom and common sense.

I prefer the board appoint a county administrator through the Civil Service process. However, this apparently cannot be put on a referendum. I would rather have thousands of people select the administrative leader of this county, than 17 people on the County Board.

I am giving the county board 90 days to significantly move toward a process of appointing a county administrator. If that is not done. I will proceed, with the help of others, with the referendum for an elected county executive.

Scott M. Martin



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