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Letters to The Platteville Journal for March 30
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Why you should vote

Next Tuesday lends an opportunity for those who can vote to formally declare their choice between the options stated on the ballot. This act should be viewed less as a privilege and more as a duty. For those of you who think it will make no difference, think again. Apathy with the voter’s willingness to participate emboldens those holding authority to pursue their own agenda. This can be witnessed even at the grass roots of local government. The very questionable decisions made by the city council relating to the Library block project and Boldt property purchase have hastened the escalating financial woes of the city. Smart economic growth has given way to any growth to defray the mounting debt. 

A prime example of this hypocrisy is evident in the Steve’s Pizza pie-in-the-sky renovation. This proposed ill-fated venture was hatched from the discombobulated Library Block fiasco. Such bad deals begat more bad deals. Unfortunately I have a ringside seat to the coming debacle. I watch with interest as the main street committee, council members, Delta 3 Engineering and other connected parties scurry in and out of Steve’s in early morning meetings. I am left to ponder the questions as to why this is even happening. 

Why would Mound City Bank pave the way for such a very questionable venture? Who do they think will park in the bank’s lot and walk uphill through four alleys to eat at a pizza parlor? Remember, this planned monstrosity for 550+ people has planned for 11 parking spots. Without the nod from Mound City Bank this brew-ha-ha would not be able to break ground. 

Businesses have a right to expand as long as rules are met. There is no rule for stupidity. This project is ill conceived and poorly planned and was distastefully presented. As I have been told by many, many people, the proposal does not fit the location. 

What baffles me is the perfect location for such a project sits vacant and ready for resurrection. That’s right, the original Platteville Brewery site with existing facility, easy access from Mineral Street and Business 151, plus huge amounts of onsite parking! 

Platteville has great potential as long as smart growth is practiced. Why buy the shoe if it doesn’t fit? Who would be so gullible as to invest millions into such a poorly planned project as a brewery/restaurant without viable parking? Why turn highly congested intersections into dangerous gridlock? Why do the same names show up on the Redevelopment Authority, city council, Main Street committee, zoning committee etc.? How happy are the citizens of Platteville with their decisions?

As I said before, your input and your vote is important. Collectively, it sends a message to the status quo. To delve into the underbelly of city politics will be a sobering experience. The people of Platteville are too good to be controlled by manipulation. This is why your input and vote matters. Common sense in government is a rare commodity. If you sit on your hands, prepare to pay the price. 

Eric Cleveland


D and R denial

Seeds Republicans planted are now being harvested. Donald Trump is using Republican code words developed to attack opponents to defeat establishment Republicans. Words such as pathetic, liar, incompetent and even the birther issue are Trump’s tools for success. Trump even used the term disgraceful against the Pope. Denial, a tool mastered by Republicans, has been taken to new extremes by Trump.

Are Democrats also in denial? Have they ignored the resentment many people feel about unpopular program such as:

• Trade agreements that move jobs abroad.

• Disability payments paid to healthy looking people.

• Unemployment benefits paid to seasonal workers.

• College debt.

• Tax breaks for financial institutions and investors that created the recent crash.

Denial is a dangerous two-edged weapon. It can come back to cut you as well as your opponent. Voters are looking for a revolution in government. Both Republicans and Democrats need to clean up their messages and enact programs to benefit citizens in the 21st century.

Republicans should look seriously at Trump’s call to tax companies that move jobs abroad. Taxes are needed to build highways and serve basic needs of citizens.

Democrats should develop programs and take action to benefit citizens:

• A Citizen’s Income or Universal Basic Income available to ALL citizens will encourage people to work rather than find excuses not to work.

• Speak the language of working people. There aren’t enough intellectuals to elect Democrats.

• Reform college debt and tax financial interests appropriately.

The call for revolution of government is loud and clear.

John Hempstead
La Crosse


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