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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Nov. 18
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Kudos to Kind

The U.S. Department of Labor is currently working on a rule to close loopholes in the law that allow bad-actor firms to present financial “advice” on retirement savings based on what’s best for their pocketbook, not yours.

In fact, last year alone, hidden fees, unfair risk and bad investment advice robbed Americans of as much as $17 billion.

Not surprisingly, Wall Street is working hard to get Congress to pass legislation that would weaken the Labor Department’s rule — ultimately protecting Wall Street’s bottom line instead of the retirement savings of millions of people.

A big shout-out goes to U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D–La Crosse), who stood up to Wall Street with his recent vote against a bill that would have stopped this important rule. We’re counting on you to continue standing up for our retirement savings.

Buzz Marshall


Give your Library Block opinion

I ran for Common Council two times. The last time I ran I was told I was only running for the council because I was angry about the treatment I received from the city manager and UW–Platteville. I was also told I was anti--Platteville. These statements are false; I care about our city, which brought me to write this.

In The Journal last week Jim Schneller has come out with the truth about the Platteville Public Library Block Project. I attended the meeting when the library project was first being sold to the people of Platteville. I asked at the meeting, “Where are the guarantees that the library is going to be turned over to the city?” I was told by Director of Community Development Joe Carroll that I need to have “faith.” 

If what Mr. Schneller wrote is true, Joe Carroll needs to be fired. Remember, our former city manager Larry Bierke stated on the radio that the Platteville Public Library would not cost the taxpayers of Platteville a dime. Now, it is going to cost millions of dollars.

I compliment Mr. Schneller for writing his letter. If you are reading this, you need to attend the Nov. 24 Common Council meeting, or at least call your alderman. The Common Council needs to take three steps back and keep its word that the library will be turned over to the city at the end of seven years and it will only cost a total of $7.

Considering the timing of this vote to approve the changes for the Library Block project right after deer season opens and just before Thanksgiving, I think the timing of the vote is so the council can bury the lies they have fed us for the last three years. Remember, we own the library; under this agreement; seven years from now we may own nothing and not have a Platteville Public Library. In addition, I have been told that the motel will become student housing. 

Read Mr. Schneller’s letter and come to the Municipal Building Nov. 24, or at least call your alderman in your district (see for phone numbers). I truly feel sorry for our new city manager; she will need our support to work through our former city manager’s debacle.

Darrel Browning


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