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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Nov. 5
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Not as advertised

On July 15, I bought a low-mileage 2009 Chevrolet truck from Bird Chevrolet in Dubuque. It was represented as a good truck and came with a 3,000-mile or three-month powertrain 2arranty. This truck is just like the one I already own and it gave great service for several years.

A few days after getting it home I noticed a major feature needed for towing my RV wasn’t working. I have had it back to the dealer four times, and after they run tests on it I am told it is operating as designed by General Motors. But if I try to us the Tow/Haul feature when driving it doesn’t work.

I contacted GM tech service and when I attempted to ask questions they referred me back to the dealer, who is reluctant to answer them. I feel he is hand-tied by GM. I have driven other trucks like mine and they all work as expected. I am the third owner of this truck and it means three people have paid for something that doesn’t work.

If this is the new, honest and transparent General Motors that Mary Barra promised us, someone should tell her it is not working. YouTube “My GM don’t work” for more.

Arnie Alt
Cuba City

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