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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Oct. 28
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Clinton and Sanders

The Republicans in Congress hauled Hillary Clinton before their select committee on Benghazi in an attempt to upset her campaign for the Presidency. But she remained cool and answered their questions in a way that frustrated their intention. 

The result was a bump in her poll numbers, which had pundits calling her the “inevitable” candidate again. 

Now rumor has it that Bernie Sanders Is hoping that the Republicans will form another select committee to investigate him so he, too, can frustrate them and regain his position close on the heels of Ms Inevitable. 

Walt Wisniewski


U.S. as ATM

Democrats are all about free college tuition, free health care, free everything! The U.S. is becoming an ATM machine. We are $18 trillion in debt, and the future of the U.S. is at stake here. 

The left is preaching a message of entitlement and that doesn’t improve our economy. Look at all the Democratic cities and see how they’re working. They think the poor cannot succeed without government assistance.

We are in trouble, America. Think before you vote.

Carla Cooke


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