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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Sept. 10
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She wants Burke

It is my opinion that Wisconsin is ready for a woman governor. I believe that Mary Burke is that woman. She will promote veterans’ rights, making sure they have the skills and education to fill those jobs. She will work to bring people together and return Wisconsin to a state we can be proud of.

Mary Burke is personable and energetic and a graduate of UW–Madison. She is a leader and she understands business. She has helped her division at Trek Bicycle grow from $3 million to $50 million annually and expand to nearly 1,000 employees in its Waterloo headquarters. She came from a Wisconsin family that started a business from scratch and grew it into a very successful company in a small Wisconsin city. Trek is now a world recognized bike manufacturer.

She is capable to lead us back to becoming number one instead of 10 in Midwestern job creation. We are currently sitting at number 35 for job creation in the nation. She will return Wisconsin to a state that everyone can be proud of.

She serves on the Madison School Board so she understands the importance of education and the problems that our public schools are facing.

She has a history of giving to nonprofits to help programs for the underprivileged, like the Boys and Girls Club. She is in favor of raising the minimum wage. She will not work for out-of-state money from people who are not interested in Wisconsin but only interested in themselves.

She is honest, smart, humble and sincere, and has the desire to put Wisconsin back together again.

Patricia Hazen

One victim too many

The death of homicide victim Merle C. Forbes, of Platteville, on June 12 requires an immediate review of cab safety in Platteville and Grant County.

Mr. Forbes met his death driving an impaired, convicted criminal, just released from the Grant County Jail. According to reports cited in the newspaper, the alleged criminal “grabbed Forbes pulling him from the front seat to the back seat and got ‘forcefully rough’ with him.” Later, the criminal allegedly stabbed Forbes multiple times in the chest and head. Mr. Forbes died, found in the trunk of his cab, in La Crosse County on June 13, after a high-speed crash and police pursuit.

Mr. Forbes may have been saved from his death if his cab had a safety cage, separating the back seat. I have been told that he did not have one. What a tragedy! He was an innocent victim, but a very vulnerable one!

We must urge our city councils and the Grant County Board to legislate required safety cages for all transport cabs. I hate excessive regulation, as a conservative, but this is a real and now proven threat. Let us not let Mr. Forbes’ death be in vain!

Scott M. Martin

A reader request

We have just started subscribing to The Platteville Journal, and when I found out there was no comics my mom said that I should write a letter. So I wrote a letter, as you can see, because I would like some comics. I know you are very busy people, so if you have time maybe you could put some comics in. That would be great. Thanks for reading my letter!

Gwyneth Erickson

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