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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Sept. 23
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Tribute to Zmina

On Sept. 13 I was fortunate enough to attend a memorial celebration in honor of Dave Zmina at the Platteville Elks Club. Dave was a colleague of mine at O. E. Gray Elementary School and Neal Wilkins Elementary Learning Center.

Dave was a creative force in elementary physical education. It was never just about his P.E. classes. He engaged kids through trivia activities, connections with classroom teachers and the books read in the classrooms, statewide activities such as the Birkebeiner ski race, and national events like the NCAA basketball tournaments. Kids were encouraged to become a member of the “Ding-a-ling Club” by climbing the rope in the gym and ringing the bell. And the P. E. Extravaganza held in the “Cafe-gyma-dormitorium” was epic.

Dave loved Platteville as well. When he retired, the students contributed to a fund to buy a streetlight in his name for Platteville.

As his colleague, I will always have fond memories of his enthusiasm for his students, his school, and his community. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Z, and my condolences to his many friends and family members. He loved teaching, and he loved Platteville!

Denise Rostad
Houston, Minn.

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