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Lighthouse Center proposal
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Gays Mills 


The purpose of the Lighthouse Group is to provide wholesome, affordable activities for all age groups, encouraging community interaction.  Our vision is for bridging the gap caused by partial relocation and community change; encouraging relational growth in local neighborhoods, focusing on restoring hope and trust.

The Community Building on Main Street in Gays Mills offers much to our community, from a social, relational, historical, and recreational standpoint.  We recognize the great asset this building is to our community and desire to see its full potential reached.  Many long term citizens of Gays Mills are expressing their thoughts and ideas on the functions this building could serve.  Our desire is to listen to what they are saying and respond with an appropriate proposal for continued use of the building.

Keeping the old community building open does not diminish the financial investment or time and effort spent in making the new community facilities a reality.  We acknowledge the great investment of the Village of Gays Mills in accomplishing this monumental task. Continued use of the old building will not detract from the use of our new facility.  We view the purpose and use of these two buildings as complementary, and not competitive.  We intend to encourage the use of the new community room whenever possible.

Recognizing that keeping the building open will be an added financial expense to the Village of Gays Mills, the Lighthouse Group has presented a proposal to the Village Board to lease the building for continued local community uses of the building.

The group is planning a Community Social for Sunday, February 26 at 5:30 p.m. in the Old Community Building.  The event will include a meal, music, dance and a sampler of possible activities to be offered.  There will also be sign-up sheets for committees to organize/sponsor activities, including one for revitalizing the old downtown area.

There will be an organizational meeting on Thursday, February 16 at 7:30 p.m. for all those willing to help this endeavor in any way.

We encourage all to come and participate in bridging the gap caused by the partial relocation, pulling together as a village.

              -Sandra Smith