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Platteville Journal Letters to the Editor for Oct. 3
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He supports Beals

This letter is to support Carol Beals in her run for state representative in the 49th Assembly District. Further, it is my intent to tell you what is good and admirable about Carol and not say any negative comments about her opponents. I am tired of all the “attack” ads so common in the current political scene.

Carol will make us a fine representative. She is sincere in her wish to further the education of our youth. Carol would work to restore funding for education. Education is a critical part of Wisconsin’s climate. If other areas of the budget need to be put on a diet, so be it.

Carol also believes that all of the working class deserve to have bargaining rights and she would work diligently to restore the bargaining rights of public employees. Being a public employee does not mean they are second-class citizens.

Carol is also passionate about the ecology of Wisconsin. She would work for regulations that would ensure that new industry would be responsible for their footprint on the ecology of the state. She feels pollution should be everyone’s concern. It is better to practice good ecological habits than to need to clean up a polluted state.

Perhaps most of all Carol believes that all elected officials should put needs of the people of Wisconsin first and work with each other to further that purpose.

Marvin Shipley
965 E. Madison St., Platteville

Thanks to Water workers

We live on North Water Street across from the Platteville Golf & Country Club and have experienced the summer of the torn-up road.

We want to express our appreciation for the continual courtesy demonstrated by the members of the construction crews that we have encountered this summer. We have found them to be very helpful in enabling us to get out to our destinations and to return home at all times. At times they have stopped their activity to enable us to get through. And there is an unbelievable amount of local traffic continually throughout the day on North Water Street.

The workers have been friendly and have courteously answered questions we have had. They have truly made the construction experience more bearable.

Ken and Lois Jean Kamps
1625 N. Water St., Platteville

Businesses’ parking needs

I am co-owner of Cuttin’ Up, a Main Street business open for 19 years.

First, I understand the need for bringing more people downtown. But for some businesses, mine included, those students will come regardless of where they live. Through word of mouth and a job well done, they will come. I suspect this is true for many of the other business also.

But some of the businesses on Main Street rely on people from out of town or non-students for their livelihood. For this they need parking. We too, provide services for out of town customers, such a weddings or proms. For this we need parking.

The second point involves the number of retail businesses and restaurants on Main Street. Why are businesses leaving Main Street to relocate somewhere else? Why can’t we keep restaurants on Main Street? Is it the parking issue or a combination of that and other factors?

It seems to me that along with the parking issue, we need to figure out how to get more businesses on Main Street, thus making it more appealing for people to shop downtown. I wonder if we shouldn’t use some of our resources to fix these problems, instead of adding more housing downtown. As it has already been stated, the students will find housing, there’s plenty of it.

Maybe the big question we should be asking is: “If things don’t change, will Main Street businesses still be here in 10 years?

Kathy Austin
Cuttin’ Up, 70 W. Main St., Platteville

Two views

What to believe?

Mitt Romney believes in a way that the American people will understand and make the choice they feel is right for Americans. He says he believes what is right for America that will give people the most prosperous future and the most security — that their lives will enjoy prosperity and hope and opportunity, is a path that people will be attracted to and vote for.

The president’s vision is one of a larger government with trillion-dollar deficits that promises everything to everyone. More stimulus, more government spending. Print more money, more food stamps and more welfare.

You decide, you vote.

Carla Cooke

Baldwin’s tax cuts

My family and I have worked all our lives to enjoy a middle class life. Tammy Baldwin endorses a plan to extend the Bush tax cuts to 98 percent of Americans and 97 percent of small business owners. This plan raises the economic stability of our middle class, the foundation of our society. This is why I support the election of Tammy Baldwin to the U.S. Senate.

B.A. Bisbee
425 N. Elm St., Platteville