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Reasons behind County Board agenda items
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I would like to speak to my recent request of agenda item for the Grant County Board Meeting to be held August 21,2012.
My reason for the request was out of frustration on the inefficient, dysfunctional operations of our current county government. It is not my intent to recall our Grant County Board Chair and I am not interested and would decline the position if asked.

The split board that we work with was reinforced by the poll taken at a recent presentation to the board by Wisconsin Counties Association that was listed as training on the agenda for the meeting, but in some opinions was suggestion to the board to change organizational structure and to work toward hiring a County Administrator or County Executive in the future to oversee county operations.

I made the request for additional items on the agenda after I viewed the initial agenda and did not see any discussion on items in the recent presentation. My feeling is now is the time to move forward at a time that we are asking our Department Heads and staff to take a hard look at programming and budget ideas, we as board members also need to work on the difficult decisions we are elected to make.

Timing is everything. It definitely was not my intention to in any way draw attention away from our Grant County Fair which is for the youth and all citizens of our area to enjoy. My intention was to get these issues out in the open and for discussion and debate of those issues to happen Tuesday evening at the Grant County Board Meeting.