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Referendum about improved student learning conditions
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Oct. 19, 2015

Marion Township


I appreciate Mr. Knowles and his efforts to be a dissenting voice about how we solve the current school issues we face.  If he had begun his investigations four or five years ago, he would now be praising the changes brought about by the current school board rather than complaining about them.  Any citizen can Monday morning quarterback a situation or a school board.  However, it takes a committed group to assume leadership and be willing to stay involved and work in a cooperative manner to achieve a positive change, especially in face of obvious dissension.   

I believe that the current Boscobel School District school board know that things needed changing.   However, this board has chosen to look at possible solutions versus reminiscing on the past problems.   As a result they have been actively leading the District in a positive direction by learning from the past, and focusing on the future.  The board has been striving to improve the district’s curriculum, strategic planning, and currently focusing on the district’s buildings to ensure a safe learning environment.  

The referendum is about improving the learning conditions for our students.  If the referendum does not pass, the repairs being proposed will still have to be done.  Without the referendum, the needed repairs will merely be delayed, which will result in band aid type of repairs, expensive last minute replacements, with resultant higher costs.  The repairs will also have to be paid out of operational funds, or require expensive short term borrowing.  

I am encouraging the voters of the Boscobel School District to pay attention to the main issues, come to the next open house on October 28  in the high school gymnasium at 7 p.m., and vote for the referendum on November 3.

Thomas G. Pelz