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Referendum would improve the future of Boscobel Schools
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Oct. 18, 2015

Woodman, Wis.


I find it somewhat frustrating the one-sided news reporting when it comes to the school and especially information regarding the upcoming referendum election.  Somehow, the discussion from last Monday’s board meeting that even if the referendum passes, taxes will go down, was omitted from this previous weeks front page article.

Now, no one wants their taxes to go up, but when they do go up, they are for a reason.  In this situation, they will even go down.  Let’s discuss that reason.  How many renovations or maintenance projects have been done to any of these buildings since their erection?  When the main Elementary building was built several years ago, it was done as an emergency Band-Aid, and done as cheaply as it could be done. From my memory, it was only to be a short-term fix.  We are now seeing the final phase of the cheap construction. 

I hear many in the community continuously compare Boscobel Schools to Fennimore Schools.  Isn’t it ironic that Fennimore has passed two separate referendums in the past few years? 

I have several friends, family, neighbors, and even three great-grandchildren that will all be part of this school.  Let’s come together and do what is best for the kids.  Give them something to be proud of. 

Please vote YES, November 3 and help improve the future for Boscobel Area Schools. 

Gene Cooley