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Small words, life changing effect
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March 21, 2016

Spring Green, Wis.


Now we have many more items to make our lives easier.  So we have more time to help others?   Obviously not!  Let’s check this out – how many hours a day do we spend on our smart phones – talking to others about what?  How many hours in each 24 do we watch tv?   And then there are the hours we spend playing on our computers looking for info we probably will never need.

Many times we don’t know the family living next door or across the street.  We see ambulances or even funeral directors at those homes.  We see children without warm clothing in winter.  We hear abuse in houses but we ignore those cries.  We see the anger in others.  There is hate and fear.  But it’s not our problem – or is it?  Can we make a difference?  What a difference there might be in our world today if we each shared two four letter words – love and hope.

There are times we need to tell someone we love them.  But more often we need to show them we love them by our actions – by how we help them, how we respect them.   If they feel loved, they may develop a sincere hope for the future.  What better time of the year than right now!  This is the season when those of the Christian faith celebrate the love and hope of their Heavenly Father.  He sacrificed His only Son, Jesus Christ, so that those who accept Him as Savior have hope and love beyond measure. Will you and I show others that we love them?  Will we share with them our hope in the Savior? The answer is simply yes or no.

Elaine Slater Reese