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The Journal's 2012 letter-writers
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This is the list of writers of letters to The Platteville Journal during 2012.

This list shows that readers of The Journal are engaged in issues affecting them, whether it’s candidates in elections, local issues such as downtown parking, regional issues such as frac sand mining, or other subjects that pique their interest.

Many letters expressed opinions contrary to columns on the Perspectives page, including editor Steve Prestegard’s Etc. column. The second best thing you can say to a columnist is that you disagree with what he or she wrote; the worst thing you can say to a columnist is that you didn’t know he or she was a columnist. The same applies to our letter-writers:

Jessica Allion, MaCandis; Dee Anderson, Office Supply Co.; Rosemary Anderson, Platteville; Kathy Austin and Amber Podstawa, Cuttin’ Up.

Lori Erschen Bahr, Platteville; Jacob Barnes, Woodman; Peggy Banfield, Owl Café; Claudia Baus, Rebecca Sigwarth, Lori Erschen-Bahr, Glen Bahr and Jill Day, Erschen’s Florist; Charity Baxter, American Roots; Morgan Baxter, Suntan City; Stacy Beau, Hartig Drug; Linda Bernhardt, Platteville; Larry Bierke, City of Platteville; Debbie Bierman, Bloomington; Bryce Bird, Riverdale School District, Muscoda; Barbara Allison Bisbee and Richard J. Bisbee, Platteville; Kevin Boerboom, Platteville; Ellie Borgstadt, Cassville; Larry and Shirley Bowden, Platteville; Louise E. Brockman, Platteville; Ellen Brooks, Gays Mills; Kimberly Burdt, Platteville.

Andrea Caley, Nicole Richards, Ronna Argall and Sarah Heideman, Downtown Designs; Richard J. Christensen, Platteville; Eric Cleveland, Eric Cleveland Insurance Agency; Rodger Cockrum, Rewey; Lynn Conlon, Cable Car Travel; Carla Cooke, Platteville; Kevin Cooley, Burton Tavern, Potosi; Jerry Cullen, Platteville; Ken Cullen, Cullen Auto Repair; Marge Curran, Beauty Boutique; George Curry, Curry Law.

Rachel Deneen, Platteville; Janet M. Diehl, Platteville; Fritz Domann, Platteville; Jayne Dunnum, Robin Timm, Heidi Dyas-McBeth, Bill McBeth and Anne Donovan, Driftless Market; Tim Durst, Blue Note Music.

Deb Eastlick, Deb’s Fashions to Fit; Zach Eichsteadt, School Girls; Steve Elvidge, Platteville.

Eric W. Fatzinger, Platteville; Jeremy Fenne, Brothers; Lindsay Feuling, Mount Horeb; Margaret Fiedler, Platteville; Shawn Flanagan, Corpus Christi, Texas; Duane Ford, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, Fennimore; Jason Fowell, Milio’s Sandwiches.

Kevin Garvey, Garvey Service; Christopher Geyer, Netux Solutions; Karen Geyer, Platteville; Tomi Gill, Carrie Oppelt, Julie Allen, Dorothy Drury, Ann Kettler and Hayley Kemnitzer, Bridal Boutique; Kathy Gillen, Cuba City; William Goldthorpe, USPS; Judy Grimes, Chicago’s Best; Marilyn Gottschalk, Platteville.

Ron and Heidi Haas, Livingston; Bernadette Hall, Platteville; Walt Hannan, Livingston; Heath Hartwig, Tri-County Title; Patricia Hazen, Bagley; Tom Heiser, Kyle Fatzinger and Kassi Nadig, Heiser Hardware; John Hempstead, La Crosse; Kim Hill, Char Bar; Carla Holloway, Platteville; Rob Horwich, Town of Haney.

Wendy Ihm, Platteville; Ken Irish, Bagley.

Lamar Janes, Gays Mills; Joe Jewison, Platteville; Chris Justmann, Helker Jewelry.

Ron Kading, Potosi; Ken and Lois Jean Kamps, Platteville; Mary F. Kelly, Platteville; Sheila Stuart Kelly, Nathaniel W. Curry, Michael J. Olds, Kim Skemp and Thomas H. Geyer, Kopp, McKichan, LLP; Susan Kies, Platteville; Josephine Kischer, Platteville; Julie Klein, Platteville; Kathleen Kluth, Kathie’s Gifts; Tim Koeller, Platteville Cleaners; Brian and Donna Kohn, Kohn’s Auto Body; Tom Kratochwill, Vernam McKerman and Kay Bennett, American Family Insurance Tom Kratochwill; Darby Kruser, Ripple Management; Dave Kuhle, Hazel Green.

Doug La Follette, Wisconsin Secretary of State; Mari Larson, Sauk City, Tom and Tom Lethlean, Shullsburg; Maryann LoGuidice, Platteville; Mary Lowe, Town of Sylvan; Terry Lyght and Brett Redfearn, Bullseye Sports; Tina Lynch, VFW.

M.L. Marrese, Platteville; Becky Martin, Wauzeka; Michael Mayo, Platteville; Don McReynolds, Platteville; Jane Meekma, Jayne’s Family Hair Care; Barbara Meyer, Town of Wiota; Al and Linda Mezera, Boscobel; Steve Millage, Bad Cat Tattoo; John Miller, Platteville; Olga Miller, Home and Cabin Décor; Sandra K. Miller, Platteville; Scott Morrissey, Morrissey Printing; Darlene Mueller, Prairie du Chien.

Johnny O’Shea, Platteville; Gary Osterholz, Eastman Cartwright; Linda Osterholz, Jane Wunderlin and Julie McCoy, Anchor Bank; Tom Osting, Platteville.

Joe Pankratz, Wisconsin Jewelers Association, Appleton; Edith Parkins, Lancaster; Barbara Parsons, Platteville; Charles C. Partridge, American Military Society; Lisa Peacock, Platteville; Joe Placke, Cuba City; members of the Platteville Fire Department; Alan Probst, Platteville.

Lori Reddy, Change of Seasons; Jeff Richard, Richard Financial; Wes Richards, Faherty, Inc.; Sharon Richter, Fennimore; Heather Roberts, Platteville; Jannan Roesch, Platteville; Erik Rohner, Platteville; James Rosemeyer, Platteville; Denise Rostad, Houston, Minn.

Jerry Schewe, Quiznos; Kip Schreck, Applied Micro; Mary Schultz; Spring Green; Elaine Shanley, Country Clippers; Isaac Shanley, Shanley Properties, LLC; Howard Sherpe, Westby; Tom Sherry, Anchor Bank; Marvin Shipley, Platteville; John Simonson, Mineral Point; Thomas Skubal, Platteville; Cierrena Spataro-Haynes, Platteville; Marjorie and David Spensley, Platteville; Bill Spevacek, Mineral Point; Teri Spink, Today’s Trends Salon; David W. Splinter, Dickeyville; Ray Spoto, Platteville; Kevin J. Statz, Platteville; Charles T. Steudel, Mineral Point; Rep. Scott Suder, Abbotsford; Sukhwal Foundation, Inc., Platteville; David G. Sunderdance, Platteville; Ken Sundwall, Platteville; Donna Swanson, Platteville; Sharon Swiggum, Richland Center.

Todd Timmerman, Platteville.

Carlos and Carolina Vasquez, Los Amigos; Gracie Vesperman, Platteville.

Colt Wall, Smelser; George and Carnella Wand, Gratiot; Sue Wehnke, Platteville; Al Weigel, Al’s Auto Service; Laura Wendorf, Platteville; Bob Wentz, Floresville, Texas; Dorothy Westermann, Eau Claire; Cindy Wiar, Soldiers Grove; Don Wilson, Precision Auto; Walt Wisniewski, Platteville; Jacob Withrow, Red n Debs; Ernie Wittwer, Hillpoint.