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To all who smashed up Rock Church Cemetery
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Dear Editor:
    To all who smashed up Rock Church Cemetery I have one question. Why?
    If you rob a bank, I know you did it to get money.
    If you break into someone’s house, I know you did that to get their stuff.
    Even if you held someone up, I know it’s because you wanted something.
    But you got nothing from this, no money, no stuff, so why?
    Let me guess. You were bored, you come from a bad home, no one understands you.
Even if all those things are true, I would still hope you know right from wrong. If not, let me give you a clue. If the thing you are doing is in the pitch black, really late at whatever hour of the night, on someone else’s property and you are breaking something with whatever tool you have, and when you leave the area it looks like a bomb has hit, I would say that you’re doing something wrong.
    So what gives you the right to do this to people who all their life save their hard earned money so  they can have a nice peaceful place for them and their love ones to go for their final resting place, to have some bored punks from a bad home that no one understands come and smash it all away?
    If you don’t pay for it now, you will pay for it later. Say hi to Hitler.
Lori Myers
Livingston, Wis.