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Walker, the Kochs and World War III
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Charles and David Koch recently announced that they will attempt to buy the presidency of the United States for Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker.  They did this in the form of a prediction, but when the prediction comes from the same two men who have pledged to contribute nearly a billion dollars to the Republican campaign, it is an announcement of intent.

The Kochs, who are among the wealthiest people in the world, should be taken seriously.  They have already purchased the Wisconsin governorship for Walker, they have purchased several judgeships in the state’s Supreme Court, and they have influenced many legislative elections.  They have even extended their reach down to county commissioner positions.
If the Kochs are successful in installing Walker as president, be prepared for a war with Russia.  Now, before you dismiss that statement as the whacky ranting of some paranoid recluse, read on.

Charles and David Koch’s father, Fred C. Koch, earned a fortune building oil refineries in Russia in the 1930s, but he came away from that experience with a paranoid suspicion of--and hatred for--communism.  When he returned to the United States he saw communists around every corner.  He was a founding member of the extremist John Birch Society.  He once called World War II hero (and later U.S. Republican President) Dwight D. Eisenhower a communist.

Charles and David have followed in their father’s footsteps, initiating and supporting extreme right-wing causes throughout the country.  Charles was also a member of the John Birch Society.  David Koch has called President Barack Obama “a hardcore socialist.”

The Koch Brothers are old now.  They have conquered industry.  They have inflated egos.  Why not conquer Russia, settle an old family score against communism, and secure an even greater place in history?

Governor Walker, another right-wing extremist with an out-sized ego, has impressed the Koch Brothers.  They have formed an alliance.

Neither the Koch Brothers nor Scott Walker have demonstrated the kind of human compassion that might cause them to use caution regarding a war that could kill millions.

The Koch Brothers have not used their great wealth to help the world’s disadvantaged, for example, but rather they have used it to manipulate governments to their own financial and political advantage.

Likewise Scott Walker.  As Wisconsin governor, he has shown disdain rather than compassion for the less fortunate.  He has slashed programs to help people with physical and mental disabilities.  He has ruthlessly attacked labor unions.  He has systematically been trashing our public education system from primary school through our universities.

Starting another world war would not rest heavily on the consciences of either the Kochs or Walker.

Russian President Putin has been rattling sabers in Europe.  With regard to military intervention, Governor Walker has said, “We need to have an aggressive strategy anywhere around the world.”  He likes “big bold ideas.”  The Kochs have a score to settle with Russia.

If the Kochs get their way, maybe it’s time to restock that old bomb shelter from the Sixties?

CLARIFICATION: The print version of this letter in the April 30 Hillsboro Sentry Enterprise incorrectly identified Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister of Russia. Though Putin served previously as Prime Minister from 1999-2000, and again from 2008-2012, he has been President of Russia since May 2012.