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Crawford County Fair 5K Run/Walk results
Start of Race
THE RUNNERS in the Crawford County Fair 5K Run/Walk were off to a good start in the beautiful crisp air.

CRAWFORD COUNTY - The top three finishers in each age group in the 2019 Crawford County Fair Run/Walk were as follows:

Top finishers

Top  Female:Tina Volden, 22:54
Tina Volden
TINA VOLDEN was the overall women’s first place finisher in the 5K Run/Walk, with a time of 22:54.

Top Male:Nicholas Anderson, 20:38

Nicholas Anderson
NICHOLAS ANDERSON was the overall men’s first place finisher in the 5K Run/Walk, with a time of 20:38.
All the Winners
ALL THE WINNERS in the 5K Run/Walk posed for a picture with their medals.
Female 10 and under

1.  Lainee Peterso

Male 10 and under

1. Rameses Anderson

2. John Turner

3. Noah Anderson

Female age 11-14

1.     Sarah Bransky

2.     Regina Turner

3.     Carla Benedicto

Male age 11-14

1. Nicholas Anderson

2. Jax Yonker

3. Terryn Boland

Female age 15-19

1.     Kloee Chamberlain

2.     Allison Anderson

Male age 15-19

1. Rowan Heath

2. Johnathan Volden

Female age 20-29

1.     Tierah Ostrander

2.     Heather Steinbach

Male age 20-29

1.     Jonathan So

2.     Trevor Wagner

3.     Sean McGrath

Female age 30-39

1.     Casey Anderson

2.     Sonya Lenzendorf

3.     Peggy Mezera

Male age 30-39

1.     Bryan Huebsch

Female age 40-49

1.     Tina Volden

2.     Dawn Adams

3.     Angela Davidson

Male age 40-49

1. Ruben Anderson

2. Canisius Johnson

Female age 50-59

1.    Lisa Friar

2.    Ann Boland

3.     Renee Skolask

4.     Stacy Chamberlain

Male age 50-59

1.    Paul Bransky

2.    Jim McGrath

Female age 60-69

1. Jane Schaaf

2. Peggy Schmitt

3. Sue Boland

Male age 60-69

1. Dave Farmer

2. Mike Friar

3. Dave Hudson

Female age 70 +

1. Illene Olson

Male age 70 +

1.     Marvin Clark

Crawford County on the Move, a program of the Crawford County Health Department to encourage citizens to be active, was well represented t the event.
Crawford County on the Move
CRAWFORD COUNTY ON THE MOVE was well represented in the 5K Run/Walk, and everyone seemed to have a satisfying sense of accomplishment and co-maraderie.

Sponsors of 2019 Crawford County Fair 5K Walk/Run: Babb Real Estate, BAPI, Brockway Trucking & Excavating, Campbell’s One Stop, Crawford County 4-H, Driftless Organics, GoMacro, Greener’s Corner, Johnson’s One Stop, Organic Valley, Peoples State Bank, Raven Stevenson, Sunrise Orchards, The Market Place and Thistle Farm Woodworking.