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R.J. Sports Scoreboard - 04/13/17
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Wednesday Night Ladies
Wednesday, April 5
High Individual Game: Tami Winters, 198; Carla Hermanson, 190; Ann Wonders, Nicole Lewin, 182.
High Individual Series: Tami Winters, 554; Carla Hermanson, 506; Amy Mullikin, 505.
High Team Game: Goebel Plumbing, 653; Fay Willow Farms, 652/632.
High Team Series: Goebel Plumbing, 1864; Legends, 1822; Fay Willow Farms, 1765.

City League
Thursday, April 6
High Individual Game: Tyler Smith, 258; Paul Godfrey, 247; Cary Ziltner, 243.
High Individual Series: Paul Godfrey, 669; Gary Simmons, 657; Ron Schwartz, 638.
High Team Game: Brunkow Cheese, 1008/997; Johnson Lawn Care, 973.
High Team Series: Johnson Lawn Care, 2886; Brunkow Cheese, 2871; Smith Family Farms, 2790.